The DB2Night Show #39: TOP DB2 LUW Support Issues with Triton Consulting

The DB2Night Show sets new records with TOP DB2 LUW Support Issues

Episode #39 set a new record for studio audience attendee registrations. Attendees also rated this show very highly with comments like "all db2nightshows are great... and today's one was no exception. thank you very much Scott&DBI" Our special guest was Julian Stuhler, Director Triton Consulting and an IBM DB2 GOLD Consultant. Julian, or "Jules" as most people call him, shared with our audience an assortment of DB2 Support issues that he and the Triton team have conquered. Several excellent tips were offered to help people avoid big mistakes...

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DB2'S GOT TALENT - Contestant Confidentiality Update

If you are a contestant or are considering becoming a contestant, please be aware that you will be introduced by your first name and country of origin only. You may share additional contact details at your discretion. Full names, companies, and countries of origin for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be announced on 8 April 2011. Please refer to DB2'S GOT TALENT Contest Details for more information.

DB2's GOT TALENT Contest - Now open to both z/OS and LUW!!!

Breaking news! After coordinating efforts with IBM and IDUG, The DB2's GOT TALENT contest is now open to both DB2 z/OS and DB2 LUW professionals! We've also relaxed the eligibility rules a bit, and even offered some suggested topics. Visit The DB2Night Show site to learn more!

The DB2Night Show #38: DB2 LUW MDC Tables in the Real World

DB2 LUW MDC Tables in the Real World

In episode #38, special guests Susan Gausden and Terry Mason, both IBM DB2 GOLD Consultants, gave us a deep dive on what they've learned about using MDC tables with their clients. SQL commands were offered to help with analysis, as well as many tips, tricks, and recommendations. Watch the replay and learn...

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The DB2Night Show #37: DB2 LUW MDC Tables - Tech Details with IBM Guests

The Inside Scoop on DB2 LUW MDC Tables

IBM Guests Paul Z and Pate Bates Reveal How MDC Works, Best Practices, and Success Stories

In episode #37, special IBM guests Paul Zikopoulos and Pat Bates talked about how MDC tables work, some design best practices, and shared some impressive customer success stories. If you have a Data Warehouse database, this show is a "Must See". If you have an OLTP database, there are situations where MDC can make you a performance rock star. Watch this replay and learn!

On 21 January 2011, The DB2Night Show™ will take another look at MDC tables with "MDC Tables in The Real World". Our guests include IBM DB2 GOLD Consultants from the UK.

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The 2010 Top 20 Downloads of The DB2Night Show

The DB2Night Show Logo The DB2Night Show™ is pleased to announce our Top 20 Downloaded Shows for 2010. Rankings are based upon the number of show downloads. Overall, there were 43,893 Episodes downloaded during 2010. This ranking is different from the previous Top 10 Shows by Audience Attendance. We've also announced the DB2's GOT TALENT Contest with nearly $5,000 USD in prizes!
And the Top 20 downloaded shows are...

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