The DB2Night Show #23: DB2 LUW Storage I/O Optimization

In our 23rd show, we were joined by special guests Berni Schiefer and Robin Grosman from the IBM Toronto Lab. Berni and Robin shared several tips, techniques, and best I/O practices during this show including the use of Solid State Disk (SSD), registry variables, and much more.

This show was also our Season 1 Finale and we offered an extra large Home Depot Gift Certificate prize to some lucky winner who completed the survey afterward - who won? Keep reading...

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The DB2Night Show #22: Comparing Oracle and DB2 LUW, Burt Vialpando

In our 22nd show, we were joined by special guest Burt Vialpando, IBM, from the Software Migration Project Office. You might think that a DB2 LUW and Oracle comparison by an IBM presenter would be a "hard sell" by IBM, but, to the contrary, Burt did an outstanding and "fair" job of looking at architecture and administration of these industry leading databases. True, Burt highlighted some "DB2 advantages", but 95% of his talk was a simple and straight forward side-by-side comparison. Studio Audience members rated this show very highly - watch the replay and find out why!

Also, today was a lucky day for EVERYONE in our Studio Audience. For participants that arrived on time, early in our show we provided special instructions to type "AMAZON.COM" in one of the survey response boxes. Everyone who followed the instructions correctly is winning a $10 gift certificate! DB2 LUW and The DB2Night Show are both rewarding! Punctuality is also a virtue!

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The DB2Night Show #21: DB2 LUW Locking with Mike Winer, IBM STSM

In our 21st show, we were joined by special guest Mike Winer, IBM STSM, from the Toronto Lab. We ran a special 90 minute show so that Mike could cover his entire IDUG presentation on Locking. This guy is the LOCK MASTER! Mike covered types of DB2 LUW locks, lock memory, lock isolation levels, locking related registry variables (and you need to pay attention to these! ), DB2 9.7 Currently Committed, SQL options for locking, lock avoidance (the new standard! ), lock escalation, timeouts, and deadlocks, and how to monitor locking!

I'd also like to apologize to Mike and our audience. I have multiple computers, microphones, speakers, and headsets going when we produce these shows and I made a goof. The volume was turned down all the way on my headset in the beginning so I couldn't hear Mike speaking and I thought he'd gone for coffee, but, of course, he was there and freaking out because he thought the audience couldn't hear them. You all could hear him, but I couldn't. I chock this up to my most embarrassing show moment in 21 shows and I'm sorry for this goof. I'll try to do better in the future.

With all this said, pop yourself some popcorn and WATCH THIS SHOW...

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The DB2Night Show #20: DB2 LUW REDISTRIBUTE with Ergin Babani, IBM

In our 20th show, we were joined by special guest Ergin Babani, IBM Developer, Continuing Engineering Team. Ergin shared with us tips and best practices for using DB2 REDISTRIBUTE. During our lively Q&A session, we were joined by Katherine Kurtz, IBM, on the IBM Smart Analytics Systems Best Practices team. Learn more about DB2 REDISTRIBUTE best practices...

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