The DB2Night Show #Z13: (Almost) Live from IBM IOD 2011

90% of our studio audience learned something! During this unique show, we gathered up IBM representatives and IBM DB2 GOLD consultants and had them share their perspectives on the IBM Information on Demand 2011 conference. What's new? What's exciting? Did you miss this show? Were you unable to attend IBM IOD? Watch the replay and find out what you missed...

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The DB2Night Show #61: Tips from DB2 Community Experts

90% of our studio audience indicated they learned something! During this show, we had two special guests. Thiru Swamy shared a terrific presentation that talked about how he uses the SAP DB2 DBA Cockpit to successfully analyze and tune DB2/SAP databases. Nadir Doctor offered up some very clever SQL to analyze a database for redundant indexes and the need to run RUNSTATS. Nadir's SQL is available within the IDUG Code Place. Watch and learn!

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The DB2Night Show #Z12: Data Warehousing Perf. & DB2 10 Temporal Tables

Special Guest: Dave Beulke, CEO of Pragmatic Solutions, Inc.,USA

In episode #Z12 our special guest Dave Beulke (CEO Pragmatic Solutions, Inc. / IBM GOLD Consultant / IBM Champion ) shared a lot of his DB2 Data Warehousing tips and Tricks. Dave works with large enterprises to optimize their Data Warehouse. In this session he will explain what he does to make sure Data Warehouses of many billion row can perform well in DB2.

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The DB2Night Show #60: Using DB2DART with guest Iqbal Goralwalla, Triton

100% of our studio audience indicated they learned something! Our special guest was Iqbal Goralwalla, Principal Consultant, Triton Consulting, and IBM Information Management Champion. Iqbal shared with us his top tips for using DB2DART to achieve storage reclamation, address index corruption, extract data, and remove backup pending status. Watch and learn...

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The DB2Night Show #Z11: First Look at Changes to DSNZPARMs by DB2 10

Special Guest: Willie Favero, IBM, USA

Willie: "My presentations are like water, give me a space and I fill it..."

In episode #Z11 our special guest Willie Favero (IBM Senior Certified Consulting IT Software Specialist) teaches you what has changed in DSNZPARM's coming from DB2 V8 or DB2 9. A 90 minute high tech talk from one of the best known IBM Software Specialists.

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