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The DB2Night Show #34: What's NEW and COOL with DB2 and FREE TOOLS!

Special guest George Baklarz, IBM, Receives RAVE Reviews

FREE TOOLS??? Did someone say FREE TOOLS???

In episode #34, special guest George Baklarz, IBM Toronto Lab, shared with us a demonstration of some very cool (and free) tools that can be used to estimate DB2 compression results, simulate DB2 pureScale operation, and learn about the plethora of DB2 features and capabilities. He also shared a few tips and used his crystal ball to gaze into the future of DB2. Not only are we making the REPLAY available, but you can also DOWNLOAD and RUN the FREE DB2 TOOLS!!!

So, watch, learn, download, play, test, evaluate, and learn some more here...

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by Scott in DB2 LUW

The DB2Night Show #33: 2nd Annual SQL Snapshot Potluck Party

Useful SQL Snapshots and Catalog Queries

Learn how DBAs in Croatia, France, and USA use SQL Snaps

In episode #33, Scott Hayes hosted The DB2Night Show's 2nd Annual SQL Snapshot Potluck Party. Members of the DB2 LUW community were invited to share their favorite SQL Snapshot commands that help them do their jobs well. Contributors will be receiving electronic copies of all SQL Snapshot commands submitted. Watch this episode and learn how your DB2 LUW peers:

  • "find log hogs and PIDs"
  • "monitor space utilization"
  • "learn intimate details about tables"
  • "monitor and resolve locks"
  • "avoid running reorgchk"
  • "find indexes that are harmful to ETL performance, cause lock problems, and burn up excessive CPU"
Also be sure to check out future scheduled episodes at!

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by Scott in DB2 LUW
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