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The DB2Night Show #121: 3rd Annual Eggnog Party with Who's Who of DB2

DB2 Experts

Special Guests: Jim Reed, IBM, Ember Crooks, Rosetta, Cristian Molaro, Consultant, Sheryl Larsen, IBM, Willie Favero, IBM, Susan Visser, IBM, Klaas Brant, KBCE, Julian Stuhler, Triton, Kent Collins, Consultant, Maria N Schwenger, IBM, Leon Katsnelson, IBM, Iqbal Goralwalla, Triton, Guy Lohman, IBM, Jessica Rockwood, IBM, Henrik Loeser, IBM, and Daniel L Luksetich, Consultant

3rd Annual Eggnog Party - Review 2013 and 2014 Forecasts

86% of our audience learned something! 54% of our studio audience claimed to be "Nice!" and 46% were "Naughty!" during 2013. Listen to the Who's Who of DB2 talk about great moments in 2013 and share their views on what they are looking forward to in 2014! Watch our replay for details...

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by Scott in Cross Platform

The DB2Night Show #120: Tuning SAP on DB2 LUW with Martin Hubel

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Special Guest: Martin Hubel, MHC, IBM DB2 GOLD Consultant and Information Management Champion

Tuning SAP on DB2 LUW

100% of our studio audience learned something! During this episode of The DB2Night Show™, Martin offered many valuable suggestions for tuning SAP in a DB2 LUW environment based on his experiences at several clients. This presentation has "meat on its bones"! Learn about dropping indexes, adding indexes, block based bufferpools, STMM, Vector I/Os and more! Watch and learn...

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by Scott in DB2 LUW

The DB2Night Show z42: DB2 11 for z/OS - Easing Upgrade Anxiety

Presented by: Julian Stuhler
Triton Consulting

"The DB2Night Show z42: DB2 11 for z/OS - Easing Upgrade Anxiety"
Replays available in WMV and M4V formats!

98% of our studio audience learned something!Julian gave a comprehensive look at the new compatibility options available in DB2 11 for z/OS. Watch the replay...

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by martin in DB2 z/OS
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