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The DB2Night Show #168: DB2 LUW Advanced Index Benefit Analysis

Scott Hayes, President DBI Software, IBM DB2 GOLD Consultant
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Special Guest: Scott Hayes, DBI Software

Sage DB2 LUW Performance Advice
Advanced Index Benefit Analysis
BLU Table Convert Row to Column Analysis

100% of our audience learned something! In Sage Advice Part 1 during Episode #142, Scott teaches audiences how to find the biggest problems in DB2 based on weights. In Sage Advice Part 2 during this Episode, Scott teaches audiences how to accurately determine the benefit of each index recommended by IBM program "db2advis". As a bonus, if you are using DB2 10.5, Scott provides a methodology and queries for quickly and easily determining if a Row based table should be converted to BLU Column based. Sage Advice Part 3 "Predictive Index Impact Analysis" will be offered at IDUG conferences in 2016 - hope to see you in AUSTIN Texas at IDUG! Watch and learn...

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