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The DB2Night Show #185: Monitoring IBM BigSQL - Similarities to DB2 LUW

Nailah Bissoon, Performance Architect, IBM BigSQL, IBM Canada

Special Guest: Nailah Bissoon, Performance Architect, IBM BigSQL

Monitoring IBM BigInsights BigSQL
How does it compare to monitoring DB2 LUW?

100% of our audience learned something! Your cheese is moving! Someday, if not already, you may be asked to monitor the performance of IBM BigSQL. As you'll learn in this replay, there are a few differences and many similarities to monitoring DB2 LUW. Nailah provided a fantastic comparison of DB2 LUW and BigSQL, their architectures, how they work, and how to monitor both- complete with examples and useful SQL! Enjoy...

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by Scott in DB2 LUW
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