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The DB2Night Show #184: DB2 - The Corner Stone of IBM Analytics

Les King, Director, IBM

Special Guest: Les King, Director of Big Things, IBM

DB2 - The Corner Stone of the
IBM Analytics Platform Strategy

100% of our audience learned something! What is the future of DB2? How will your career change? Has IBM moved your cheese? DB2 engine technology is invading many of IBM's software and cloud offerings. Affectionately called the Common Analytics Engine (CAE), DB2 is spreading like a virus (a good one) into BigInsights, BigSQL, Netezza, dashDB, and more. Via the DB2 CAE, investments that have been made in analytics SQL queries will run seamlessly in many places. To understand how you can grow your career and deliver great business results with IBM DB2 CAE technologies, watch this show and take notes! Enjoy...

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by Scott in DB2 LUW
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