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The DB2Night Show #182: DB2 LUW V11.1 Upgrade Best Practices and Tips!

Melanie Stopfer, IBM DB2 LUW Brain Surgeon

Special Guest: Melanie Stopfer, IBM DB2 LUW Brain Surgeon

DB2 LUW V11.1 UPGRADE Best Practices
plus TIPS and Hidden Gems!

100% of our audience learned something! No surprises there! Everyone learns from Melanie! For our season #7 grand finale, Melanie gave our audience the complete scoop on upgrading to DB2 LUW V11.1! You will not only learn best practices, but you will also learn some very wise and insightful tips, plus you will learn about some "Hidden Gems" - - the extra "smaller" stuff that isn't making the headlines! And, did you notice? We kicked off Season #7 with Melanie talking about auditing and security, and today Melanie provided our Season #7 Grand Finale! Watch and learn...

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by Scott in DB2 LUW
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