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Brother-Panther Performance Tuning Tool for IBM DB2 LUW

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Performance Problem Detection

It begins with finding the database with the lowest score or worst performance metrics. If there are multiple partitions, right click the database name to see scores and metrics compared for each partition. From the database or partitions, easily navigate through the worst performing bufferpools, tablespaces, and tables to precisely find the most costly SQL that is causing performance degradation. Click to Explain the SQL and get physical design advice. Click, done, solved! In this short 7 minute video, see a demonstration of how quickly and easily performance problems can be accurately isolated and solved. View in full screen mode for the best viewing experience.

Performance Change Management

Brother-Panther® provides a major breakthrough in performance analysis and change management. Brother-Panther KNOWS what changed, when, and how changes influenced performance. Comprehensive history combined with rich analytics enable the analysis of performance trends over time correlated to change events (physical design changes, profile changes, DB & DBM configuration changes, and bufferpool changes). Armed with the knowledge of which change caused performance to degrade, you will be able to easily rectify performance problems and inefficiencies. You will also find it remarkably easy to verify the effectiveness of tuning changes! In this short 9 minute video, see a demonstration of how Performance Trend Charts and other features of Brother-Panther can be used for rapidly isolating and solving performance issues. View in full screen mode for the best viewing experience.

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Business Challenges

Speed and Efficiency

Users want FAST! Management wants Quality Service with Low Costs, yesterday. DBAs are expected to perform miracles in milliseconds. Change is constant - upgrade DB2, apply fixpacks, implement application updates, and, in your "spare" time, consolidate servers and lower DB2 licensing costs. Yes, you can have it all, quickly, easily, and affordably with DBI.

Change Velocity

  1. Utilities are now running automatically.
  2. Autonomic tuning is making automated changes to memory configurations.
  3. Dynamic SQL still has a mind of its own and is influenced by automatic statistics and dynamic memory configurations.
  4. XQueries add yet another dimension to dynamic optimization.
  5. Upgrade DB2. Apply Fixpacks. Implement Application Updates.
If you thought Dynamic SQL provided performance predictability challenges, multiply Automatic Utilities by Autonomic Tuning by Dynamic Optimization and prepare for a potentially new level of performance volatility and resource shortages. With so many wheels concurrently in motion, physical design problems and the consequences of changes become increasing difficult to understand and rapidly address.

Key Features

IBM has sunset their "Ready for DB2" program, but, no worries, we're still ready to help you!
A Database Score, like a Credit Score, is provided so that you can quickly understand a database's health and efficiency. You no longer need to digest dozens of metrics and indicators. Multiple databases are presented in a sorted summary grid making it a snap to know at a glance which databases require attention and which are fine. Optimized for multiple partitions - whether logical or DPF, easily compare performance of partitions to detect load imbalance and skew. Logical Workflows guide you through database objects with increasing filtered granularity of performance information, or jump to aggregated depth levels of your choice:
  • Database > Applications > Users > Costly SQL
  • Database > Users > Costly SQL
  • Database > Partitions > Bufferpools > Tablespaces > Tables > Cost Aggregated Statements
  • Database > Tables with high I/O > Statements causing high I/O to a table
  • Database > Most Costly Statements > Users

Rapidly find and solve performance problems and inefficiencies with integrated 'Find & Fix' workflows and interfaces to Explain and Advisors

Autonomic monitoring automatically adjusts data collection to ensure minimal monitoring overhead Comprehensive Performance AND Configuration History makes it easy to understand performance trends and the impacts of changes
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