Business Challenges

DBAs often avoid performing reorganizations because using traditional methods requires all or part of the application to be unavailable to users while the task takes place. While reorganization greatly benefits business-critical databases, the process can take many hours and most organizations are unable to tolerate the downtime imposed by traditional reorganization methods. Without the right tool, the DBA must impose unacceptable downtime on business users or severely degrade performance.

Business Needs

  • Ensure high availability and performance of database operations with less downtime
  • Enable integrated and automated management of every aspect of the Oracle environment
  • Provide simple navigation from problem detection, isolation, and correction with a single interface
  • Automate monitoring and intelligent storage management
  • Provide application and database integrity analysis with high-speed reorganization capabilities

BMC Space Manager
for Oracle Customers

Brother-Wolf provides functionality and a user interface that should be readily familiar.

Brother-Wolf Automated Space Management for Oracle

DBI's Oracle
Space Management Solution

Brother-Wolf™ reorganizes business-critical databases while applications remain up and running and fully available to business users. It quickly and easily identifies the objects that are most active and in need of reorganization, and then schedules reorganization jobs for those objects. By optimizing performance and reclaiming wasted disk space, Brother-Wolf reduces the need for additional storage expenditures. This automated process is ideal for complex environments such as ERP and CRM systems with thousands of user objects or e-business systems with high transaction rates.

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Oracle Data Sequencing

by independent consultant
Curt Triplett

This paper describes an advanced technique for maximizing Oracle database performance and efficiency. GET THE PAPER.

Key Features

Ensures 24/7 availability by performing reorgs online, without downtime, providing complete read and write access to your database applications and business users

Avoids unplanned outages by identifying objects that have high severity problems and provides recommended actions

Reduces planned outage time by identifying only those objects that will benefit from reorganization

Saves time by providing the unique ability to diagnose and correct row migration problems, avoiding unecessary reorgs

Reduces the need for future reorgs by performing powerful object analysis and producing ideal settings to restore the object to peak performance

Extends your resources by using automated scheduling, object selection, multi-processing and full checkpoint-based recovery features

Includes Brother-Eagle® Standard Edition for Oracle


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