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Spend Less: Infrastructure Costs

The majority of DBI customers cite three main reasons for teaming with DBI:
  1. Avoiding or Deferring costly hardware upgrades
  2. Improving Customer Satisfaction through improved system response times
  3. Improving Productivity throughout the organization
It is a fact that the majority of DBI customers measurably reduce CPU utilization and I/O rates by 30-90% within just a few hours of installation, and additional resource savings are commonly gained in the days that follow.

Lower CPU Utilization Benefits

  1. We've helped cancel millions of dollars worth of unnecessary hardware upgrades during recent years. Your hardware and database license vendors will be sad, but the avoided expense will look very good on your bottom line profits.
    • Please note that some performance problems cannot be cured by throwing more hardware at the problem
    • Before upgrading any hardware, please exercise your due diligence and Contact DBI. We won't be surprised to learn that your hardware and database license vendors might have said unkind things about us. When you work with DBI, they aren't going to make their sales quotas
  2. By putting your database processing costs on a diet through effective and efficient tuning and lowering CPU utilization, you will obtain longer life from current hardware and license assets and be able to defer upgrades
  3. At the IBM San Mateo Innovation Center, we have scientifically proven and illustrated that lower CPU utilization can reduce server energy consumption by 6-30% or more. See GREEN IT/Saving Energy
    • Remember that heat is a waste product of energy consumption. Servers that use less energy will throw off less heat, and this will lower your cooling costs too.
  4. Systems with lower CPU utilization rates provide more stable and reliable response times and availability. The additional "head room" created by lower CPU utilization makes systems more tolerant and capable of processing occassional spikes.
    • Servers that are at or near 100% CPU utilization will experience tremendous response time degradation under increased workloads as the CPUs become exhausted.
  5. For organizations embarking on server consolidation initiatives, your teams will be more successful and effective at maximizing server consolidation ratios when database servers are optimally tuned for efficient CPU utilization
    • By squeezing more database server LPARs into a single frame, energy costs can be maximized and database licensing costs can be minimized.

Lower I/O Rates

Tuning to lower I/O activity rates provides improved response times, lower energy consumption by disks, and increases the mean time between storage failure events.

Solid State Disks (SSD)

The DBI tools can help your organization derive maximum value from SSD at minimum costs. Let our solutions guide your teams towards both cost and performance optimized configurations. Read More about SSD optimization and how DBI can help.

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