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A History of Innovation in Database Performance Improvment

When we do a root cause analysis on DBI's successes, the most fundamental contributing factor is innovation. DBI's, invented SQL statement concentration in the year 2000 as documented by U.S. Patent #6,772,411. DBI was the first to talk about automating DB2 UDB tuning in his 1997 IDUG presentation "Tune DB2 Universal Server while you Fish, Golf...", and in DB2 V9.1 the Self Tuning Memory Manager (STMM) was introduced in 2006. The Db2 Statement Concentrator (STMT_CONC) was introduced to DB2 in V9.7, and a unique statement identifier was added to DB2 V10.5 FP3. DBI pureFeat began automatically tracking configuration and index changes way back in 2008, and in 2012 IBM added a Change History Event Monitor to DB2 V10.1. Having data is one thing, and presenting it in meaningful ways is yet another. DBI pureFeat excels in performance information presentation, and DBI is widely appreciated for its ease of use. Now since most tool vendors will readily claim that their toolset is easy to use, we need to take a closer look and you can decide for yourself during your own evaluations.

From Problems to TRUSTED Solutions in Five Mouse Clicks, or Less!

What are the problems?

Is a performance issue a database problem, or not? If it is, what is the bottleneck? Where is time being spent? What are the SQL statements causing the time spent? Which SQL are the heaviest CPU and I/O consumers that are weighing down the database and degrading performance? A well stated problem is a half solved problem. You can't fix something until you know what needs to be fixed! Sometimes problems are small, latent, or hidden, yet quietly waiting to cause a performance disaster --- we politely call these "opportunities for improvement". DBI can show you the real root cause problems, based on aggregated relative weight analysis, or opportunities, in just one or two mouse clicks. We'll illustrate in the short video clip just below...

DBI talked about root cause problem isolation at IDUG in 2014 during his tech session "DB2 LUW Sage Performance Advice". If you missed this presentation and would like to learn more, watch a replay of The DB2Night Show Episode #142.


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