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In this series of pages, we have showed how DBI pureFeat will help you:
  1. Quickly find the most harmful problems
  2. Help you determine quality solutions
  3. Build trust with the solutions via Impact Analysis
  4. Quantify and verify your successes via trend charts and comparisons
Rinse, Lather, and Repeat. Follow this automated methodology through a few cycles and you will likely achieve remarkable, measurable performance improvements with reductions in system resource utilization. It is not uncommon for DBI customers to double performance while cutting CPU utilization by 25-50% in an afternoon.

Competitive Tidbits

We have screen shots from DBI customers that show the overhead of other "free"/"bundled" tools is over 8X higher than DBI's minimal overhead. Other tools focus on rates. DBI pureFeat focuses on costs and relative aggregated weights. Other tools don't plot history events on trend charts. Other tools don't provide Advanced Index Benefit Analyis, Predictive Index Impact Analysis, nor provide robust BEFORE and AFTER comparisons for Database and SQL performance. When you try DBI, you will "See What You Are Missing!" These areHUGE differences!


We have showcased only a small fraction of DBI pureFeat's capabilities. Further analysis and automation can be achieved by using pureFeat's robust lights-out alerting functions that can send notification emails, send SNMP trap alerts, automatically run DB2 commands, or automatically invoke DBA authored scripts. Like db2top or dsmtop, DBI provides information about what's happening "Right Now" with automated refreshes. DBI's lock contention analysis makes it easy to visually see blocked applications and lock holders --- with one click to next steps such as force application or Explain the SQL! The best way to discover what DBI pureFeat can do for your organization is to try it. Our proof of concept process is free and takes only a few hours. What's more, performance improvement results are guaranteed by our $10,000 promise to help you make improvements; if we do not, we'll make a donation to the charity of your choice. See DBI's DOWNLOADS page for details. Unfortunately for charities, we haven't paid yet since we started this results guarantee years ago!

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DBI pureFeat™ Performance Suite for IBM® DB2® LUW includes:

DB2 Tip

If you want to find out which SQL statements are using the most TEMPSPACE, look for the SQL using the HIGHEST PERCENTAGE of physical writes across all SQL in any given timeframe. SELECT statements perform WRITES to TEMPSPACE!

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