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We're in the business of helping people earn 5 star performance reviews. Our #1 job is helping YOU look GREAT! Our #2 job is helping YOU prove it!


Our tools help organizations save millions of dollars through improved performance and productivity, resource utilization reductions, energy savings, avoidance of hardware upgrades, improved server consolidations, and reduced database licensing costs.


We take our PROOF OF CONCEPT (POC) process seriously. We know your time is both incredibly valuable and scarce. Work with us for just a few hours and you will achieve measurable successes very quickly. We won't waste your time and we don't want our time wasted either. In terms of expectations, your involvement in a DBI POC may take as little as 8 (eight) hours of your time. Most customers choose to invest more time to maximize their POC benefits. Frankly, our tools are addictive. Once you have used a chain saw to cut down trees, you never want to return to using a hand saw.

OUR PROCESS - Simplified and Methodical

  1. Simply Contact DBI and indicate in the comments box that you would like to participate in a Proof of Concept. If you prefer the telephone or have an especially urgent need, give us a call at +1 512-249-2324. Either way, we'll work with you at blazing speeds and pamper you with service that will likely exceed your expectations.
  2. After receiving your web inquiry or call, we will call you to discuss your objectives and projects, and properly determine if working together is a good fit.
  3. If we agree that working together may be mutually beneficial, we will schedule a web meeting with a "DBI Installation Coach". Your Installation Coach will guide you through the installation process to ensure tt goes smoothly, then your Installation Coach will provide you with some initial training. This normally takes UNDER 2 (two) hours.
  4. We will schedule a follow up web meeting with you and a "DBI Performance Coach". This is a working session wherein DBI will assist you with the analysis of your performance information, offer you product tips, and likely help you identify and isolate several actionable problems or opportunities for improvement. Think of this as FREE performance consulting.
  5. Finally, we will schedule a third web meeting with you to provide additional training and help you measure and document your performance improvement successes.This will take one to two hours at your discretion. Ordinarily, management is invited to the second half of this meeting - we don't want your performance accomplishments to go unrecognized and you should receive credit for your successes.
  6. At your discretion, you may continue to use the DBI tools until the POC license expires. POC licenses are normally seven days in duration, negotiable. Honestly, some of our customers have achieved great performance gains and saved their organizations millions of dollars in an afternoon. There is rarely a need for extended POCs as the value DBI brings to the table will be immediately self evident.

The DBI POC process is totally FREE. Using less than 8 hours of your time to provide Immediate, significant, and measurable results - Guaranteed!

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Fast Facts

  • Over 25% of the Top 25 Retailers use DBI, plus several more in the Top 100
  • On Black Friday 2012, two of the top three fastest e-commerce websites were DBI customers
  • DBI saved a Fortune Top 20 Health Care company $250,000 in an afternoon by avoiding a hardware upgrade
  • DBI solved a performance problem in 2 hours that 2 senior DBAs were unable to solve in 6 months!

FAQ #1

Other companies make downloads readily available. Can I download and install on my own?

Answer: That's fine for them. It is doubtful other companies' "solutions" will save your organization millions in a days work.

FAQ #2

We have a planned upgrade. Should we do the POC before or after?

Answer: Definitely BEFORE. Postpone the upgrade if you can, especially if it is a hardware upgrade. You won't need those extra CPUs when you're done with the POC. More importantly, it is very important that you be able to measure and assess the performance consequences of any upgrade. And, if problems arise, you don't want to be caught blind folded.


For the past few years, DBI made the $100 and $300 offers below. We haven't yet met a database where we could not identify performance opportunities for improvement. We are so confident we can help you that we're upping the bounty to $10,000 USD effective 13 December 2012. If a POC experience fails to identify significant problems or opportunities for improvement, DBI will make a $10,000 donation to the charity of your organization's choice