• Client Based
  • Robust GUI
  • Super Low Impact
  • High Level Analysis
  • - Surveys Multiple
    Databases and Partitions

Supported Databases

  • Oracle 9.2 & 10G
  • DB2 UDB LUW 8.2+

Supported Operating Systems

  • Linux
  • AIX
  • Sun Solaris
  • HP/UX
  • Windows

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If your organization manages dozens or hundreds of databases, wouldn’t you like to be able to quickly determine which databases require your team’s attention?

Meet Brother-Eagle™. She soars high above your organization searching for opportunities that warrant in-depth attention, and summarizes the performance characteristics of all your Oracle and DB2 UDB databases in a single, easy to read and interpret, interactive graphical presentation. If there is a database problem, poor performance, or inefficiency anywhere in your IT organization, Brother-Eagle™ will find it and bring it to your attention.

Key Features
  • Identifies problems and inefficiencies for Oracle & DB2 UDB LUW distributed databases
  • Each database receives health and performance efficiency scores
  • Multiple databases can be summarized on a single presentation with the ability to sort by any key criteria
  • Each performance metric has expert advice
  • The User Interface can be customized to suit user preferences
  • The Professional Edition (PRO) can be further customized by the user to add additional performance metrics to the display, or remove metrics if desired


  • Standard Edition Includes:
  • Professional (PRO) Edition Includes:
    • FREE Edition Features
    • Customizable Metrics
      • Add your own metrics
      • Customize Advice to your environment
      • Remove Metrics that are not relevant to your environment, if any
    • No Ads
    • Email technical support included for one year
    • Upgrade to Single User Professional Edition

US Patent Pending

More Information

Please contact us to learn more about Brother-Eagle™. We value our customer’s input and would also be pleased to hear your ideas and suggestions.