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For DB2 Performance

Take the simple quiz at right. After you get the correct answer, several DB2 LUW performance tips will be revealed.

For Your Marriage

His Tips

Listen attentively to her and don't try to solve her problems unless she asks.

Her Tips

Men are problem solvers with shorter attention spans. Give him a bone and keep it brief.

For Your Automobile

Efficiency Tips

  1. Properly inflate your tires and save 3% per year on fuel costs
  2. Get the junk out of your trunk and save another 1-2% per year
  3. Perform tuning and maintenance on regular schedules and save another 3% per year

DB2 LUW Performance Tools and Solutions

Optimize IT Costs and Existing Assets

Improve Business Peformance, Response Times, Query Throughput

You've come to the right place. Typical DBI customers lower CPU utilization by 30-90% and improve response times within just a few hours. ROI is achieved in weeks, not years.

We hope you will humor us and take this simple quiz. Once you get the answer correct, we will help you with several DB2 LUW Performance Tips.

Cost Quiz

A DBA and his spouse go to the grocery store to buy dinner. They buy one large $9.95 steak, two potatoes at $0.99/each, one head of broccoli for $2.99, and twenty cans of chicken noodle soup on sale for only $0.89/each.

What is the most expensive item in their shopping cart?

The Steak

The Potatoes

The Broccoli

The Soup