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DBI Announces General Availability of Brother-Panther™ and Brother-Eagle™ for DB2 LUW and pureXML

DBI Performance Hero Certification Program is Launched

Austin, TX – (August 1, 2007) - Database-Brothers, Inc. (DBI), a highly specialized company focused exclusively on database performance and auditing, today announced the General Availability of Brother-Panther™ for DB2 LUW and Brother-Eagle™ Enterprise Edition for DB2 LUW. Brother-Panther offers the DB2 LUW community several unprecedented features such as performance measurements for DB2 pureXML, a Database Score and Score Report, like credit scores and reports, for each monitored database, autonomic monitoring that automatically adjusts DB2 monitors to ensure minimal, but necessary, data is collected, and comprehensive configuration and performance history with trend graphs and correlated change events -- making it easy to see the impact of configuration and physical design changes. Brother-Eagle Enterprise Edition provides new metrics and substantially improved customization capability; its innovative scrolling “stock ticker” display makes it easy to ascertain the health, efficiency, and key performance attributes of a database using very little screen real estate.

“Today’s Database Administrators are plagued by several challenges,” said Scott Hayes, CEO of DBI and IBM GOLD Consultant. “Database triage is a relentless process of determining which databases are causing the organization problems, rapidly making ‘the right’ changes to mitigate crises, then verifying and documenting that changes cured the problems, measurably improved performance, or otherwise improved efficiency to avoid unnecessary hardware upgrades” exclaimed Hayes, who then added “DBI has made this entire process remarkably simple with the Database Scores, metrics, and integrated workflows that guide the DBA from problem identification through to optimized solutions.”

Wasted Resources

In DBI’s research and experience, over 80% of the world’s databases have blatant or latent performance problems, or are substantially under tuned. Far too often, organizations needlessly upgrade their hardware in an attempt to address performance concerns. “The State of Montana could probably be powered by the electricity savings of all the unnecessary hardware upgrades that have occurred during the past year,” joked Hayes “at the expense of millions of wasted hardware dollars and kilowatts.”

DBI Certified Performance Hero Program

In response to this epidemic of wasted resources, DBI is launching a ‘Certified Performance Hero’ program to help database administrators achieve, verify, and document database tuning successes. Pursuant to this program, DBAs are encouraged to obtain a free trial of Brother-Panther and use it to improve the performance and efficiency of their organization’s databases. DBAs who successfully demonstrate tuning success to DBI will earn ‘DBI Certified Performance Hero’ certificates of achievement and may also receive a free T-Shirt, coffee mug, and $100 USD gift certificates while supplies last. “Hardware salesmen are going to hate this campaign,” said Hayes “but it is good for organization profitability and our environment. This program also provides an opportunity for DBAs to demonstrate to employers that they are capable of achieving favorable tuning results which may be much more valuable than a book test certification.” For program details, visit www.Performance-Hero.com.


BMC Software "DBXray for DB2 Universal Database" and "SmartDBA Database Performance for DB2 Universal Database" Customers should contact DBI immediately to begin the complimentary license migration process to DBI’s solutions. Additionally BMC customers, like all customers, are eligible for DBI’s Maintenance Price Protection which ensures the price paid for maintenance today will be the same price paid in the future. For additional product details, including pricing, special incentives and timelines, please visit http://www.database-brothers.com/bmcdbi/. Organizations currently using other tools should inquire about DBI’s trade-in and trade-up programs.

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Database-Brothers, Inc. (DBI), headquartered in Austin, Texas, is an industry leader in distributed database auditing and performance solutions that enable companies to accelerate business accountability and performance with clarity. For information about DBI, please visit www.Database-Brothers.com or call (866) 773-8789 and ask for Debbie Peters.


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