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DBI Answers the Question of Time When Solving Database Performance Mysteries

Provides Performance Accountability When Service Level Agreements Are Not Met

Austin, TX – (December 4, 2007) - Database-Brothers, Inc. (DBI), a highly-specialized company focused exclusively on database performance and auditing, today announced the expansion of its database performance offerings with the introduction of Brother-Thoroughbred™. Brother-Thoroughbred provides IT organizations with the ability to identify the source of performance problems and quickly understand any potential impact performance resolution may have on service level attainments (SLAs).

“A high percentage of application performance problems are traced back to database servers,” said Will Capelli at Gartner. “Slow transaction response times can directly impact the overall performance and profitability of an organization. The ability to quickly identify, isolate and resolve database issues is necessary to succeed in today’s competitive environment.”

If a system is down or operating slowly, customers will go elsewhere. Brother-Thoroughbred determines performance accountability by measuring and documenting transaction performance response time. If response times are slow, Brother-Thoroughbred equips IT groups with the necessary information to determine if database performance is at fault (or not) when service levels are not being attained. If the database is at fault, it provides the necessary insight to determine the resources needed for rapid resolution. For even greater insight, Brother-Thoroughbred offers the ability to track historical data of the issues contributing to slow transaction response times, root causes of bottle necks, and other pertinent information. It also allows DBAs to track and document performance success.

“When it comes to performance, every second matters,” said Scott Hayes, president and CEO of DBI. “Brother-Thoroughbred provides unique insight into performance issues by answering the questions of time – are transactions taking too much time and is the database the cause? Where is time going? Are SLAs being met? If not, why not?”

Integrated Success

Integrated workflows with Brother-Panther™ - DBI’s performance analysis, tuning, and change management solution - make it easy to find database statements that are causing SLAs to be missed due to high average elapsed times and statements that are contributing to resource bottlenecks such as high CPU consumption, high I/O times, or high sort costs.

“The DBI performance tools have helped our IT team to quickly identify and resolve performance problems so we can ensure maximum system uptime,” said Donovan Mitchell, Manager of Database Administration, The Children’s Place. “The ability to measure and document time spent resolving performance issues will allow us to adjust resources whenever necessary to meet the service levels we have committed to providing.”

About Database-Brothers, Inc.

Database-Brothers, Inc. (DBI), headquartered in Austin, Texas, is an industry leader in distributed database auditing and performance solutions that enable companies to accelerate business accountability and performance with clarity. For information about DBI, please visit www.Database-Brothers.com or call (866) 773-8789 and ask for Debbie Peters.


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