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DBI Unveils Oracle Performance Tool Suite

Guarantees Price, Performance, and Value Leadership

Austin, TX (April 1, 2008) - Database-Brothers, Inc. (DBI) today introduced new performance tuning and space management tools for Oracle environments: Brother-Owl™ for SQL tuning, Brother-Wolf™ for space management, and Brother-Eagle™ Enterprise Edition for real-time performance monitoring. The new tools provide DBAs with greater insight into performance problems while proactively resolving issues for optimal business availability.

"If you have IBM PE, Oracle EPM, BMC, Quest, Symantec I3, Embarcadero, or any other tools, or are evaluating Performance Management tools, make sure DBI is on your short list. With the ability to name your own price and terms, and superior analytics and results, DBI is the clear price, performance, and value leader. We are so confident that we can help you improve your business, we guarantee it" said Scott Hayes, President & CEO, DBI. "Otherwise, DBI will make a charitable donation in your name to the non-profit charity of your choice" added Hayes. See DBI web site for details.

Brother-Wolf™ for Oracle

DBAs are responsible for ensuring optimal availability and performance of database operations with minimal downtime. One of the primary methods to achieve performance improvements is to perform database reorganizations on business-critical databases. Because many of the traditional methods for performing database reorganizations require all or part of the application to be shut down during the process, too often reorganizations are not performed.

Brother-Wolf provides DBAs with a simple navigation from problem detection and isolation to corrective solutions via a single interface. Now DBAs can integrate automated management of their Oracle environment. Brother-Wolf's automated monitoring and intelligent storage management allows DBAs to provide application and database integrity with high-speed online reorganization capabilities.

Brother-Owl™ for Oracle

Businesses rely upon the quality, productivity, and performance of applications and their associated databases. Downtime and poor performance can quickly bring a business to a grinding halt. With recent IT cutbacks, DBAs don't have time for tuning databases and, due to recent security concerns, cannot rewrite application SQL. The traditional fix, or patch, for performance problems was to continually throw expensive and unnecessary hardware upgrades at the system.

Brother-Owl analyzes and tunes an entire application's SQL, on both the development and implementation sides of business. It also leverages the Index Advisor to look at objects and recommend actions for Indexes. In short, Brother-Owl is the cross-disciplinary tool an organization needs for application success without the impact to an application's availability. Both DBAs and application developers can benefit from its ability to pre-empt many tuning issues as well as point out the database objects that can use post-implementation tuning.

Brother-Eagle™ Enterprise Edition for Oracle

When databases aren't performing optimally, they can have a significant impact on a business. As the number of databases increase, locating the cause of performance issues becomes that much more complicated. Brother-Eagle soars high above your organization searching for opportunities that warrant in-depth attention, summarizing the performance characteristics of your Oracle databases in a single, easy to read, highly customizable, scrolling "stock ticker." Each performance metric has online expert advice and performance tips. If there is a database problem, poor performance, or inefficiency anywhere in your IT organization, Brother-Eagle will find it and bring it to your attention.

Protecting Investments

It doesn't matter whether end-users are complaining about the custom-developed application rolled out last year or the new CRM system you've just implemented, the bottom line is that your DBA and development teams need to protect the application's value to the business. DBI's performance tuning and space management tools for your Oracle environment are the tools to protect those critical applications and investments.

To learn how DBI can improve your database performance, as well as how they can help save your organization time and money, contact DBI today or visit them on the web at Or even better, tell them what you think these tools are worth to your organization at

About DBI

DBI (Database-Brothers, Inc.), headquartered in Austin, Texas, is an industry leader in distributed database auditing and performance solutions that enable companies to accelerate business accountability and performance with clarity. For information about DBI, please visit or call (866) 773-8789 and ask for Debbie Peters.


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