DBI and Software Engineering GmbH Team to Serve Database Performance Management Needs of World-Class, Innovative Companies

Austin, Texas, USA and Dusseldorf, Germany - (September 16, 2008) - DBI (Database-Brothers, Inc.), a software company providing distributed database performance management, security, and auditing tools, today announced the expansion of its international markets by partnering with Software Engineering GmbH in Dusseldorf to serve the German market.

Siegfried Fuerst, Managing Director of Software Engineering GmbH comments: "We're very pleased to represent DBI -- led by Scott Hayes, a well known DB2 LUW performance, security, and auditing expert. Scott and his team at DBI add valuable experience and tools to the product and consulting portfolio of Software Engineering GmbH. Now our offering extends beyond our DB2 for z/OS solutions into the distributed world of DB2 LUW and Oracle."

"We are pleased to partner with Software Engineering GmbH. Their extensive experience in performance optimization for DB2 z/OS makes Software Engineering GmbH an ideal fit to represent our suite of powerful database performance management tools in Germany," says Scott Hayes, President and CEO of DBI. "The DBI team is excited to bring best of breed distributed database performance tools for IBM DB2 LUW and Oracle to customers in the countries of Germany, Austria, and German speaking regions of Switzerland because there are so many world-leading, innovative organizations in these areas. DBI customers typically achieve 30-90% CPU utilization reductions within the first few hours along with measurable response time improvements, and these improvements are critically important in today's worldwide economies where GREEN IT and cost savings are imperatives."

About DBI

DBI (Database-Brothers, Inc.), headquartered in Austin, Texas, is an industry leader in distributed database auditing and performance solutions that enable companies to accelerate business accountability and performance with clarity while lowering IT costs. For information about DBI, please visit www.DBIsoftware.com or call (866) 773-8789.

About Software Engineering GmbH

Software Engineering GmbH is an IT service company founded in 1979. Services include consulting, development and realization of standardized software, as well as customer-specific information processing tasks. Software Engineering GmbH offers project management and application development in the main areas of client/server, databases, SAP, and data center automation as well as document management and archiving along with powerful service and support of our customer installations. For DB2 on z/OS, Software Engineering GmbH offers SQL PerformanceExpert, Bind ImpactExpert, RealTime DBAExpert, and Recovery AssuranceExpert. For more information about Software Engineering GmbH, visit www.seg.de or call +49-211-96149-0.


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