DBI launches new release of powerful Oracle SQL performance software with added functionality and new Oracle version and platform support

 Brother-Owl™ provides a unique competitive advantage, improving IT efficiency, productivity and profitability

Austin, Texas, USA - (April 9, 2009) - DBI (Database-Brothers, Inc.), a software company providing professional grade database performance management tools, today announced the availability of release 7.1 of Brother-Owl™ – a powerful tool to capture, analyze, and fix Oracle application SQL and indexes. Release 7.1 adds support for Oracle and 11g as well as HP-UX 11i Itanium. Many new dynamically computed performance metrics were also added to aid the DBA in rapid, accurate isolation of costly SQL.

“The IT universe never stands still,” said Scott Hayes, president and CEO of DBI. “We’re putting resources into a forward-looking development roadmap that will ensure our customers maintain a competitive edge.

“We have refined the art of database problem identification and opportunity isolation, which is followed by automated generation of benchmarked solutions – without impact on production databases. Our customers place great value on cutting response times and CPU utilization in half. The ripple effect: costly hardware upgrades are avoided coupled with reductions in the IT department’s physical footprint and energy costs.

“We’re committed to significantly impacting our customer’s bottom line. It only takes a few hours to see that impact – our customers have everything to gain and nothing to risk. Working with DBI is a smart move for your profitability, productivity, personal and business performance, and probably your job security too,” said Mr. Hayes.

To learn more about this powerful database performance tool and how DBI can help improve database performance and your company’s profitability, visit www.Brother-Owl.com or contact DBI today at (866) 773-8789.

About DBI

DBI (Database-Brothers, Inc.), headquartered in Austin, Texas, is an industry leader in distributed Oracle and DB2 LUW database performance best practices methodologies, services, and products that enable companies to accelerate business performance and profitability while lowering IT costs. For more information about DBI, visit www.DBIsoftware.com or call (866) 773-8789.


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