DBI helps SafeAuto Insurance improve customer-facing DB2 database performance and reduce IT costs

Austin, Texas - (October 2, 2009) - DBI (Database-Brothers, Inc.), a software company providing professional grade datacenter performance management tools, today announced another success – we helped SafeAuto Insurance improve performance, optimize their IT assets and lower energy consumption.

SafeAuto strives to provide the best service to its customers and understands that database performance and availability is a key component of that equation. “We suspected we had opportunities to improve database performance, but we needed metrics and hard facts to confirm this. Without the right tools, we only had anecdotal evidence”, said Ward Fry, SafeAuto Senior Database Administrator.

“Our team knew about DBI’s tools and DBI has a very good reputation. It was critical to us to quickly identify the problem, implement a fix, and verify the result of the change.

“DBI’s tools immediately found one SQL statement using 90% of CPU during a critical time period. We quickly identified multiple issues that significantly impacted CPU overhead. We've already resolved some of the most significant issues, but there is lots more tuning to do on an on-going basis”, continued Mr. Fry.

“DBI tools not only alert us to issues that need to be addressed – the tools take us down the path to a solution. And DBI tools are very user-friendly – there was almost no learning curve. DBI has vast experience in database tuning and they have turned that expertise directly into smart products.

“I really need to have the best tool for the job to make me as productive as possible“, Mr. Fry added. “and the unexpected and much appreciated benefit? Our datacenter energy consumption has decreased by 7%. And we’re getting the job done with existing IT.”

“DBI is happy to help our customers rapidly isolate specific actionable problems, generate precise solutions that yield faster response times – which directly impacts customer satisfaction, lower CPU utilization and the associated energy costs, and achieve the most with their existing assets. Whether GREEN IT is part of our customer’s agenda, the benefits which flow to the bottom-line are clearly significant,” says Scott Hayes, DBI President and CEO. “DBI works closely with IBM and is committed to the SmarterPlanet initiative. Lowering energy consumption benefits everyone.”

“IBM has a proven track record of innovation in helping businesses lower operational costs. Partnering with DBI to help clients like SafeAuto Insurance realize even better performance in their data center operations is a win for our clients and a win for the environment,” says Rachael Rusting, Director, Information Management Communities and Enablement.

About DBI

DBI (Database-Brothers, Inc.), headquartered in Austin, Texas, is an industry leader in distributed database auditing and performance solutions that enable companies to accelerate business accountability and performance with clarity while lowering IT costs. For information about DBI, please visit www.DBIsoftware.com or call (866) 773-8789.

About SafeAuto®

SafeAuto Insurance Company started in Ohio in 1993. SafeAuto quickly expanded into other states: Indiana, Kentucky, Georgia, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, Illinois, Arizona, Oklahoma, Texas, and Missouri. SafeAuto is a direct-to-consumer auto insurance company that saves our customers money. For more information about SafeAuto, visit SafeAuto.com or call 1-800-SAFEAUTO.


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