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DBI Oracle Solutions deliver measurable ROI in DAYS.

Just one online reorg can reclaim gigabytes of storage and double application performance.

Just a few mouse clicks can lower CPU utilization, improve application response times, and help defer or avoid costly hardware upgrades.

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DBI Performance Tools for Oracle

DBI is presently building a comprehensive portfolio of organically developed and complimentary partner solutions. Our primary focus is on IBM DB2 LUW Distributed and Oracle databases. Partner solutions add depth and breadth to our offerings, as well as extend to DB2 Mainframe, SQL Server, and more. Contact us to learn more or become a partner.

DBI Performance Management Suite for Oracle includes:

  • Real-Time Monitoring Solution:
    Brother-Eagle® for Oracle

    Brother-Eagle is a real-time performance monitoring tool for Oracle that presents key performance metrics (health indicators, ratios, costs, rates) in an industry unique "stock ticker" format. Unlike other monitor solutions that consume your entire screen, the scrolling ticker allows you to monitor your databases while doing other work. What's more, also unlike some other solutions, Brother-Eagle is extensible - you can add your own KPIs and drill down reports!
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  • Automated Space Management and Online REORG Solution:
    Brother-Wolf™ for Oracle

    Brother-Wolf provides automated Space Management and online object reorganizations for Oracle databases. Through its automated capabilities, organizations can achieve maximum performance and reclaim disk space with continuous database availability.
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  • Fast, easy, SQL Performance Analysis & Tuning Solution:
    Brother-Owl™ for Oracle

    Brother-Owl accelerates your business with the industry's best automated SQL performance analysis and rewrite capability, plus automated generation of optimized Oracle hints. The High Speed Data Collector (HSDC) captures and records SQL performance unobtrusively so that database and business application performance is not impaired by monitoring.
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"We periodically reclaim hundreds of gigabytes of storage from our Oracle 10.2 SAP databases while maintaining continuous availability for critical business processing"
- Large Bank, Chicago, IL