DBI Announces
International Charity Event
and Contest

The Biggest Loser:
Putting Your Database Costs on a Diet

Austin, TX (May 19, 2008) - Database-Brothers, Inc. (DBI) today announced an international database tuning charity event benefiting the American Red Cross, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Participation for organizations and database administrators is FREE, and participants can potentially win badges plus expenses to the IBM Information on Demand Conference held in Las Vegas October 26-31, 2008.


The event begins on June 5 with a kickoff Webinar on database tuning and cost measurements. Contest rules will be reviewed, and participants will "vote" for their favorite charities. Participants will then have two weeks to tune their production databases with the objectives of reducing processing costs, and improving throughput and efficiency. For the optimum competitive advantage, DBI recommends that participants take advantage of a free trial of DBI's performance analysis, tuning, and trending tools Brother-Panther® and Brother-Thoroughbred™ during the competition, but use of the DBI tools is not required. Final performance data must be submitted by June 19, and results and winners will be announced during a Webinar on June 25.


For each participating production database, DBI will donate $25 USD to the charity pool. In addition, DBI will be donating 1% of new license sales during calendar Q2 to the charity pool. The charities will receive a pro rata share of the charity pool according to the participant votes. Participating organizations may benefit from better performing applications and data warehouses that operate with lower costs.


By lowering database transaction processing costs through tuning, organizations will be able to avoid or defer server upgrades or additions, and will be well positioned to enjoy successful server virtualization and consolidation projects. When many database servers are successfully merged onto a single machine, air conditioning, electrical, floor space, and other costs can be greatly reduced. Saving energy is good for the environment and organization profitability.


"This reminds me of the Pay It Forward movie and movement" said Scott Hayes, President & CEO of DBI. "Our intent is to help a lot of people, directly and indirectly. Several DBI team members have had their lives touched by cancer and diabetes, and others are active Big Brothers and Big Sisters. Good goes around. This is a good thing we are doing. We hope database professionals around the globe will participate" Hayes added.

Participation could take as little time as an hour or two. Get involved by visiting www.dbisoftware.com/biggestloser/ and help make the world a better place.

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