DBI DB2® solutions deliver increased database performance and efficiency to Wasserstrom E-Commerce and SAP systems

Columbus, Ohio and Austin, Texas USA - (April 14, 2011) - The Wasserstrom Company, founded in 1902, is the world's leading restaurant supplier and distributor of foodservice supplies and equipment. DBI (Database-Brothers, Inc.) is a software company providing distributed datacenter performance management tools.

Phil Smith, Chief Information Officer for Wasserstrom, stated "by using the DBI tool sets we are able to solve problems that we did not even know we had!" He adds, "This not only saves us time, it saves us money by decreasing our transaction times enabling us to process more orders for our valued customers."

Scott Hayes, President and CEO of DBI, remarked "the relationship we have with our clients does not stop at providing them with an industry leading tool set; we reach out to them and provide them with the knowledge to use these tools proactively thus preventing problems from occurring." Phil Smith supported this by saying "DBI has a great tool set, however, their secret sauce is the personal attention by DBI experts. They take the time to grow the knowledgebase of our DBAs and this is simply exceptional."

Wasserstrom sees a long lasting relationship with DBI and looks forward to the new release of Brother-Panther® for DB2 LUW that will be demonstrated at the IDUG Conference (www.idug.org) on May 2-6, 2011 in Anaheim, California.

About DBI

DBI (Database-Brothers, Inc.), headquartered in Austin, Texas, is an industry leader in distributed database performance solutions that enable companies to accelerate business performance with clarity while lowering IT costs. For information about DBI, please visit www.DBIsoftware.com or call Pat Guider at (866) 773-8789 x110.

About Wasserstrom

Wasserstrom caters to the specific needs of every customer, regardless of size, whether you are a single independent restaurant, a national restaurant chain, a supermarket, healthcare facility or hotel operator. Wasserstrom professionals work diligently to provide you with the catering supplies, kitchen supplies and any other products and services you need. Customized catalogs, management reports, 24/7 Internet ordering and an experienced, knowledgeable customer service staff are value-added services that Wasserstrom offers. For more information about Wasserstrom, please visit www.wasserstrom.com or call (866) 634-8927.


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