FBS announces outstanding results utilizing DBI tool suite
for improving DB2 database performance

Fargo, North Dakota, USA - (May 12, 2011) - FBS develops internet based software for real estate professionals and the performance of large DB2 databases is absolutely mission critical to the organization. Mr. Jaison Feed, Vice President of Information Technology for FBS states: "The DBI Brother-Panther® for DB2 LUW product has opened our eyes by recommending over 150 important indexes to our database to improve performance. Additionally, it has helped highlight some structural deficiencies deep in our architecture that are now candidates for optimization."

Mr. Scott Hayes, President and CEO of DBI states, "FBS is an exemplary customer. They are not only swiftly reacting to performance issues and rapidly resolving them with DBI's products, but they are also proactively using them in development to build better applications from the start!" Mr. Freed supports this by stating "The DBI products even help catch bugs in our development code which we can then fix prior to being installed to our production system. This type of proactivity not only saves FBS time and money, but also ensures FBS provides its customers with competitive service and continuous optimal web application performance."

About FBS

FBS is 100% owned by the employees of the company and we believe this provides us and our customers some big advantages. With each of us having a stake in the outcome, we're very focused on providing service above and beyond customer expectations.

FBS released the flexmls Web system in 1999 and has grown dramatically to now serve over 100 MLS organizations world-wide. FBS is proud to serve both very large and small MLS organizations across the country. FBS is building a strong family of customers focused on producing Net Results for their members. We're proud to partner with our customers and look forward to many years of innovating with them. For more information about FBS, visit www.fbsdata.com, call 800-437-4232, or write to sales@fbsdata.com.

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