DBI Software Announces pureFeat™ V6.1 Performance Management Suite for IBM® DB2® LUW

NEW Features Make It Easier than Ever to Fight the RIGHT Fires FAST

Austin, Texas USA - (October 7, 2014) : - As a DBA or manager, your company counts on you to fight the right fires fast. Today, that task just got much faster and easier with the release of DBI Software's pureFeat™ V6.1 Performance Management Suite for IBM DB2 LUW. Already the acknowledged leader in optimizing IBM DB2 databases, and acclaimed by Database Trends and Applications as one of the Top 100 Companies That Matter Most in Data, DBI's pureFeat V6.1 pulls even farther ahead of the pack by adding two powerful features: Stored Procedure Visibility and Current Activity Functions.

For Stored Procedure Visibility, DBI pureFeat V6.1 allows users to see what's inside costly procedure calls. It not only summarizes all of the procedures and their costs, but it also allows users to drill down and see the SQL statements within a called stored procedure and their respective costs and key metrics.

For Current Activity Functions, DBI pureFeat V6.1 allows users to quickly answer the question, "What's happening right now?" A breakthrough visual lock contention map enables DBAs to identify lock contentions, holders and their waiters, in one click, and provides the ability to kill them with just one more click! It also identifies and allows users to understand and optimize application connections and top SQL activity.

As amazing as these new functions are, they represent just two of six major improvements, and over 20 refinements, in pureFeat V6.1. At pureFeat's heart are patented, award-winning technologies that allow users to pinpoint root-cause problems in about 15 seconds, solve them in two hours or less, and save clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in CPU's, memory, licenses, consulting fees, and wasted time.

Scott Hayes, President and Founder of DBI Software, said "It wasn't easy figuring out how to get the lid off the Stored Procedure performance 'Black Box', but with the growing popularity of Stored Procedures we felt our efforts for customers were worthwhile." When asked about the new locking analysis, Hayes responded "Most DBI customer databases don't suffer from locking symptoms, but for the rare circumstances when lock contention exists, DBI's new visual lock map of holders and waiters, with optional one click terminate, will make contention resolution a cinch."

pureFeat V6.1 is a completely free upgrade for DBI Software's annual clients, and stems from DBI's single-minded passion for proactively helping customers. This is just one of the many reasons DBI Software has a 98% client retention rate. To learn more about pureFeat V6.1 and The 15-Second Challenge, visit https://www.dbisoftware.com/pureFeat-61-DB2-LUW-Performance-Tools.php.

DBI pureFeat V6.1 supports IBM DB2 LUW releases V9.5 and higher. To use some of the new Stored Procedure Visibility and Current Activity functionality, DB2 V9.7 or higher is required. DBI pureFeat V6.1 supports IBM DB2 BLU V10.5 (inclusive of the Cancun Fixpack 4).

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