DBI Software's pureFeat™ Tools for DB2® Empower PrimeSource Building Product's SAP® Database to Run Four Times Faster---In Less than 24 Hours

Thanks to DBI Software, PrimeSource Building Products foregoes hundreds of thousands of dollars in CPUs, memory, and licenses while ADDING its Canadian data and users to its SAP DB2 database

Austin, Texas USA - (March 26, 2015) : - Dallas-based PrimeSource Building Products, one of the largest purveyors of fasteners in the world and one of the largest distributors of building materials in North America with 39 distribution centers and 1,200 employees across the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. In March of 2014, as a growing, vibrant company with dynamic customer-driven leadership, PrimeSource Building Products was facing one of the most serious problems a thriving company can encounter: their SAP DB2 database had become painfully slow, affecting orders and inventory control. The result: a rising chorus of complaints.

Acting quickly, their CIO assembled a war room of SAP consultants --- and DBI Software. PrimeSource Building Products already relied on DBI for their IBM DB2 LUW needs, but they knew that DBI's pureFeat™ suite of tools could also provide valuable insights into their SAP DB2 database, so they engaged DBI for a 16-hour Performance Assessment. "With DBI pureFeat, I can narrow down the cause of a problem so much faster than doing it manually. What once took us days to sort out is done in a matter of hours or minutes" said PrimeSource Building Products SAP DB2 DBA Dennis McClure.

Using its patented, award-winning analytical processes, DBI Software was able to rapidly discover what was slowing down PrimeSource Building Products' database by isolating what cost the most, what hurt the most, and then implementing accurate solutions problem by problem. Working together with PrimeSource Building Products CIO Janya Kieffer and SAP DB2 DBA Dennis McClure, they were able to:

  • identify a major problem,
  • resolve it,
  • verify it was resolved,
  • verify no harm was done,
  • verify that the database was measurably faster, and then
  • move on to the next major problems, one at a time.

In less than 24 personnel hours, PrimeSource Building Products' SAP DB2 database was four times faster. McClure noted, "DBI Software's pureFeat for DB2 tools allow you to proactively identify those queries that have the potential for cost and time improvement. That means we no longer need to spend time in an endless loop testing code. And with accurate indexing, pureFeat can take a query that is taking several seconds or minutes to run down to sub-second."

What did this mean for PrimeSource Building Products besides solving their business emergency? Two critical things: first, they were able to do more. Although PrimeSource Building Products' operations stretch across North America, their SAP database only served the US part of their business. Because their database was now four times faster, thanks to DBI they were able to include their Canadian users and data.

Second, they were able to save more. Before turning to DBI, PrimeSource Building Products, like so many businesses facing a database challenge, thought the only way to resolve their problem was to buy more non-refundable CPUs, memory, and licenses---a potential $300,000 bill in the case of PrimeSource Building Products. But because of their collaboration with DBI, they were able to save that significant and unbudgeted expense.

"We built our company from the ground up on the foundation of helpfulness---helpful tools, helpful people, and helpful resources---and in so doing became recognized as one of the "DBTA 100," Database Trends and Applications list of the companies that matter most in data," said Scott Hayes, the President and Founder of DBI Software. He continued, "That's why leading companies like PrimeSource Building Products trust us with their toughest DB2 database problems."

Like so many DBI Software customers, Dennis McClure summed it up this way, "I really appreciate how much DBI invests in their customers. They treat them like family."

About DBI Software

DBI (Database-Brothers, Inc.) Software, headquartered in Austin, Texas, is a trusted partner for Breakthrough DB2 Performance Solutions that deliver highly-valuable results for organizations with the most demanding requirements and discriminating preferences. Acclaimed as one of the Top 100 Companies that Matter Most in Data, over 30% of the top 25 retailers use DBI to meet their DB2 performance requirements along with major banks, state governments, the insurance and healthcare industries, leading manufacturers, and many others.

DBI's patented, award-winning pureFeat™ suite of tools allow them to diagnose problems in about 15 seconds, solve a problem in two hours or less, and save their clients from purchasing hundreds of thousands of dollars in CPU's, memory, licenses, consulting fees, and wasted time. For information about DBI, please visit www.DBISoftware.com.

About PrimeSource Building Products

With 39 distribution centers throughout the US and Canada and more than 1,200 employees, PrimeSource Building Products is an international distributor of building materials serving residential, commercial, and industrial new-construction and remodeling markets as a value-added link in the distribution chain. For more information please visit www.primesourcebp.com.

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