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Doing More: Productivity

We often hear that the DBI tools have helped DBA teams rapidly find problems and efficiency opportunities for improvement that they were otherwise unable to isolate with other tools or native database capabilities.
  • In Boulder Colorado, two Database Administrators had spent six months trying to identify, isolate, and solve a slow application response time problem. With the DBI tools, the issue was solved in about two hours.
    • Which is more productive? Spending one year (1 FTE) trying to solve a problem or two hours?
  • After a four month futile evaluation of a performance tool from another company, a DBA in Columbus Ohio had the DBI tools installed and the performance problem solved in under four hours.
    • 1/3 of 1 FTE labor cost was wasted
      • What is your FTE cost? Can you afford to have people waste valuable time like this?

Just SIX Mouse Clicks

In six mouse clicks or fewer, the DBI tools will help your DBA teams:
  • Identify Databases with Problems
  • Isolate specific root causes and actionable opportunities for improvement
  • Develop and Implement QUALITY solutions to address the root causes and opportunities
  • Measure and Verify the success of implemented solutions
  • Prevent future problems and discover efficiency opportunities automatically
If we made database tuning any easier, you might think the DBI tools were video games.

Every Mouse Click Matters

Faster Systems help people get more done. If a data entry operator can process 30 orders per hour on an un-tuned application database, they may be able to process 60 or more orders per hour on a well tuned system. Similarly, a customer service representative may be able to assist more customers per hour when average transaction response times are reduced by 33-50% or more.

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