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DBI Web Performance Suite for DB2 LUW and SQL Server

  • Database Performance Analytics, Tuning, Monitoring, and Trending Solution
  • Provides a major breakthrough in performance analysis and change management
  • Finds, recommends, and fixes issues related to database health and performance
  • Knows what changed, when it changed, and how the changes impacted performance
  • Comprehensive history combined with real-time analysis of performance trends

Product Resources

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Customizable Dashboards

  • Overview of all databases monitored by the system
  • View best, worst, and average database scores
  • Comparative performance charts and metrics
  • Individual database dashboards with dynamic date ranges
  • Database charts for all metrics that affect performance

Summary statistics

  • Statistics for over 3500 metrics with threshold warnings
  • Summaries by Users, Apps, Statements, Bufferpools, Tablespaces, etc.
  • Support for all types of databases, clustered, simple, pureScale, etc.
  • Powerful search, filtering, sorting, moving and fixing columns
  • Grouping of similar metrics for easier comparisons and viewing


  • Response Time Analysis and SLA Attainment Analysis
  • Monitoring of all transaction times, time distributions, and SLAs
  • Report on transactions times inside vs. outside of the database
  • Determine the resource bottlenecks for CPU, I/O, Locks, Sorts, etc.
  • Shows database availability for different cumulative time periods

Trend Charts

  • Chart metrics for a time period to spot any anomalies and trends
  • Group similar metrics and compare them side by side
  • View database and user changes on the same chart timeline
  • Pan and zoom to get high level and detailed views of trends
  • Navigate to the activity statistics to pin point specific issues


  • Perform a complete health check for the entire database
  • Identify database issues and provide actionable recommendations
  • Provide automated index recommendations for problematic statements
  • Scan the database and report on invalid objects that need attention
  • Report on tables and indexes that need reorg or have stale statistics

SQL Workbench

  • SQL tuner with the ability to format and edit the monitored statements
  • Display a searchable explain plan in both tree and graphical formats
  • Provide index recommendations with percentage of performance gains
  • Ability to create new virtual indexes and test them for improvements
  • Test virtual indexes on all statements in a workload to detect degradation

Real Time

  • A live dashboard to view real time key metrics that affect performance
  • Charts with drill-downs to show details of the state of the database
  • Summarize the data by Connections, Applications, Statements, etc.
  • View database contentions and locks with the ability to release them
  • Finds problems, poor performance, or inefficiencies in the database

Database Alerts

  • Advanced Lights-Out, flexible, and customizable alerting Solution
  • Monitors databases 24x7 and sends notifications for performance issues
  • Provides alerts in a variety of ways (email, traps, SNMP, etc.)
  • Over 200 rules out of the box with the ability to create custom ones
  • Ability to suppresses duplicate alerts to minimize the noise