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DBI pureFeat™ Performance Suite for IBM® DB2® LUW

Brother-Panther – Database Performance Analytics, Tuning, & Trending Solution.

  • Finds and fixes issues related to performance
  • Provides a major breakthrough in performance analysis and change management
  • Knows what changed, when it changed, and how the changes impacted performance
  • Provides comprehensive history combined with rich analysis of performance trends

Brother-Thoroughbred – Response Time Analysis & SLA Attainment Solution.

  • Allows for monitoring of all transaction times, time distributions, and SLAs
  • Detects whether the performance issue is inside of the database or within external applications
  • Provides industry breakthrough database measurements for transaction times
  • Determines the resource bottlenecks (CPU, I/O, Locks, Sorts) and rapidly resolves any inefficiencies

Brother-Hawk – Advanced Lights-Out Alerting Solution.

  • Monitors your databases 24x7 and alerts you to performance issues
  • Provides customizable alerts to users in a variety of ways (email, traps, SNMP, etc.)
  • Integrates alert management into the DBI Admin Console and the DBI Repository
  • Extends DB2 LUW database performance monitoring functions to include three levels of customization

Brother-Eagle – Real-Time Monitoring Solution.

  • Provides real time information as to the health of the database
  • Searches for opportunities that warrant in-depth attention, and summarizes the performance characteristics in a graphical view
  • Finds database problems, poor performance, or inefficiencies anywhere in the IT organization
  • Customizable to suit user preferences and can be further customized by the user to add additional performance metrics

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"Scott Hayes is an expert in the field of DB2 performance. DBI's tools have helped our company save thousands of dollars in hardware costs through better DB2 tuning practices. At the annual North American IDUG conferences, I seek out his classes because he is such a great speaker. His classes are packed with helpful information that applies to real world scenarios..."
Ken Daulong via LinkedIn
"Scott has been a pleasure to work with and has been a fabulous supporter of the DB2 community. His passion for making DB2 easier to work with, both with his articles and white papers, and with his company's tools has made many DB2 customers very happy. His insights into how DB2's monitoring and tuning can be enhanced have helped influence our future enhancements to DB2 on Linux, UNIX and Windows."
Drew Bradstock, DB2 Product Line Manager, IBM Canada via LinkedIn
"Scott has been one of the industry's leading DB2 performance specialists for several years. His company has developed analysis utilities that have pushed the envelope of problem detection and resolution."
Sam Lightstone, Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM Canada via LinkedIn
"Scott is unbelievable at DB2 Performance Tuning and DBI has created an amazing tool that matches his expertise. Beyond his knowledge and DBI's tool, Scott is an incredible motivator and instructor. I have attended a few of his classes at IDUG and enjoy listening to him speak and learning from him. I would highly recommend Scott in any of these roles."
Matt Steele, DB2 LUW DBA, Health Ins. Co. via LinkedIn
"Through his personal knowledge and expertise, his design and development of tools to enable detection and correction of system bottlenecks, and his effective and passionate application of these assets to detect and solve problems, Scott Hayes has for 2 decades contributed to the successful implementation of DB2 technology to real-world business applications."
Mike Swift, IBM Liaison, IDUG Organization via LinkedIn
"I have known and worked with Scott for many years. Over the years, he has been a major contributor to the worldwide DB2 environment. He has taught many courses, consulted at dozens of companies, and developed world class software products. Scott is a credit to the industry, and I strongly recommend him for both consulting work, and those needing better performance for their DB2 systems."
Joel Goldstein, President, Responsive Systems via LinkedIn
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