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Rapid Problem Resolution

For over ten years, we have been helping organizations around the world fight performance fires under demanding timeframes. We know what it takes to help you be the performance hero, and the DBI product solutions have made performance fire fighting and optimization as fast as six or fewer mouse clicks.
  • Click '1: Start the DBI tools and instantly identify the database that requires attention
  • Click '2: Response Time and SLA analysis shows how much time is spent inside the database and out, and what the resource time bottleneck is within the database <
  • Click '3: Click the time spent pie slice corresponding to the time bottleneck. The statements that are causing the time bottleneck are accurately revealed with total, average, and relative costs shown
  • Click '4: Optional - Explain the statement with the highest aggregate costs that is the greatest contributor to the resource problem
  • Click '5: Pass the costly statement to the database Design Advisor
  • Click '6: Implement physical design solution (often one or more indexes) to cure the root cause problem.

Verify Your Success

In another mouse click or two, create a performance trend chart that graphically documents that the solution(s) you implemented were successful. You will often be able to visually see:
  • Lower CPU utilization
  • Lower I/O costs
  • Reduced table and statement I/O
  • Faster response times for individual statements and transactions overall
  • Improved SLA attainment percentages
  • and much more...
Save your trend charts and take them to your next annual performance review.

Proactively Avoid Future Problems

Activate DBI's robust, lights-out, automated, advanced, and extensible health and trouble alerts. Receive emails, pages, or SMS text messages. Optionally send SNMP trap alerts to central management consoles, automatically execute DB2 commands, or automatically engage operating system commands or scripts. BE THE FIRST TO KNOW at the first sign of trouble BEFORE your phone rings. Get alerts if response times are degrading, SLAs aren't being met, or statements in the database are consuming excessive I/O. Odds are good you will fix or avoid the emerging problem in six mouse clicks or fewer, no angry people will telephone you, and you will have more trend charts to document your value to the organization.
Our #1 Job is helping you look great.
Our #2 job is giving you the evidence to prove it.

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