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Return on Investment

When you consider the ripple effect of benefits obtained from higher customer satisfaction, improved productivity, lower infrastructure costs, and GREEN IT benefits, most DBI customer references will uniformly agree that DBI delivers very rapid ROI.

Printing Money

Financial justifications can be difficult in any economy that values thrift. Too often we hear "No Budget". After participating in a no-charge DBI Proof of Concept (POC), the extreme value that DBI brings to the table has inspired many "no budget" customers to suddenly "find budget". Making a small financial investment with DBI is like buying a lottery ticket that is guaranteed to win. Contact DBI to discover the size of your jackpot.

Don't Waste Money

And, whatever you do, please DON'T upgrade your hardware and incur large unnecessary costs without contacting us first. Most hardware upgrades are non-returnable and non-refundable.

Turn a Penny into a Dime: 10X ROI

Experience the Magic of DBI. Get 10X ROI in 10 Months or less, guaranteed. We'll help you See what you are missing. For several years, DBI has offered a $10,000 reward to find a DB2 LUW database that we couldn't help tune. We haven't found one yet. We are so certain that you will gain tremendous ROI in a few short months (typically days or weeks), that our ROI guarantee assures your satisfaction else we'll donate $10,000 to the charity of your choice and refund your license fees paid.

"Liars Figure, but Figures don't Lie"

Listen to your due diligence inner voice and contact us first. Our independent, objective, KPI measurement based, expert second opinions are still free (subject to availability and customer qualification).

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