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DBI Telephone Support:
+1-512-249-2324 x114

"I asked for temporary license keys at 9:50am. 39 minutes later [the key request was approved]. 12 minutes later [DBI Support] sent them.

That's less than an hour from the time I made the request until we had the needed license keys -- a fantastic turnaround time!

I told [this] story in my manager's staff meeting this morning, and the whole room laughed in amazement at such an incredible response from a vendor. We are so used to jumping through hoops and enduring bureaucratic delays to get problems addressed with our vendors, that DBI truly stands out from the pack. [My manager] even quoted [DBI's] reference to "our partner". We are very impressed.

Once again, I commend [the DBI team] on your exceptional responsiveness and customer support.

Thank you."
DBA Manager
State Government

DBI Customer Support

To better serve our valued customers, DBI has implemented a new customer service portal that is integrated with our internal case management systems.

By using this service portal, you will be able to:

  • Open New Cases
  • Review the status of your cases
  • Update your cases
  • Search our knowledge base for solutions

The DBI Customer service portal has two levels of security:

  1. Customers should access the DBI Support secure launch pad by using their customer product download userid and password. This login is typically shared amongst all team members of an organization.
  2. The DBI Support secure launch pad will provide another link to gain access to the customer support portal. Here, each individual within a customer organization will have their own unique login. This login will be provided to you by the DBI Customer support team. It is unique to you and should not be shared.

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>>>> ACCESS the DBI Support Secure Launch Pad <<<<

500 Pennies for your Thoughts

When a support case is closed, customers will be invited to complete a short customer service survey. Please give us feedback. We strive to exceed expectations and value your input.

In fact, your input is so important to us that you will be rewarded with an optional Starbucks or gift card for each survey that you complete. Alternatively, you can direct a donation to the American Red Cross or opt out depending on your preferences.

Gift cards are sent out quarterly. Also, one survey participant will be randomly selected to win a $50 gift card. Winners are announced in DBI's Twitter Feed. Follow us!

DBI Solutions
Database & SQL Tuning Solution:
Brother-Panther® for DB2 LUW

Brother-Panther provides a major breakthrough in performance analysis and change management. Brother-Panther KNOWS what changed, when, and how changes influenced performance. Rich performance analytics and intuitive workflows make performance remediation and tuning a snap!
Learn More ...

Advanced Lights-Out Alerting:
Brother-Hawk™ for DB2 LUW

Brother-Hawk is a separately licensable add-on component to DBI's Brother-Panther. Brother-Hawk sends automated, customized, meaningful alerts based on the characteristics of real-time and recently collected data. Get total control, 24/7!
Learn More ...

Response Time Analysis & SLA Attainment Solution:
Brother-Thoroughbred® for DB2 LUW

Brother-Thoroughbred provides industry breakthrough database measurements for transaction times, time distributions, and service level attainments. Easily determine if a performance problem is a database problem, or not. If a problem is a database problem, Brother-Thoroughbred will show you where the resource bottleneck is (CPU, I/O, Sorts, Locks) and guide you towards a quick solution.
Learn More ...

Real-Time Monitoring Solution:
Brother-Eagle® for DB2 LUW

Monitors database health and efficiency Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in real-time with drill downs to connection details. An innovative "stock-ticker" presentation continuously updates KPIs but doesn't waste your entire screen. You can also add your own KPIs and drill downs - a great way to make SQL Snapshots more useful.
Learn More ...