Business Challenges

Your business relies upon the quality, productivity, and performance of your applications and their associated databases. Downtime and poor performance are the events that most likely cause phones to ring and pagers to buzz. DBAs don't have time to tune the database and application development teams don't have the background and advanced skills to write highly efficient SQL. Compounding matters further, new applications are being developed or purchased, and ongoing maintenance of existing applications seems like a run on a treadmill.

Business Drivers

  • Current applications need a performance boost without expensive hardware upgrades
  • DBAs can't rewrite application SQL
  • Developers aren't experienced with efficient SQL creation
  • Production systems cannot be slowed to test SQL or index changes
  • Application vendors won't fix slow queries or batch processing without proof of performance bottlenecks

BMC SQL-Explorer
for Oracle Customers

Brother-Owl provides functionality and a user interface that should be readily familiar.

Other Oracle Products

Brother-Owl Oracle SQL Tuning

Brother-Owl™ 7.1

Powerful SQL Performance Software, Added Functionality, New Oracle Version and Platform Support

Brother-Owl provides a unique competitive advantage, improving IT efficiency, productivity and profitability. Learn more about Brother-Owl 7.1

DBI's Oracle
SQL Performance Solution

Brother-Owl™ captures, analyzes, and fixes application SQL and Oracle indexes. DBAs and developers can use this tool to fix SQL in production or as part of the testing process for new code. Brother-Owl gives expert advice on how to tune SQL, Oracle objects, use Oracle hints, or advise you on Index effectiveness. The product allows "What If" analysis on a variety of changes. Most importantly, all of this work can be done without impacting your production systems.

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Key Features

Prevents production interruption by collecting data with the High Speed Data Collector (HSDC) which tracks SQL execution for later analysis

Provides the industry's best "breadth" and "depth" SQL Rewrite capability

Allows "What If" evaluation locally with no database impact via simulation technology

Achieves higher performance through indexing by automatically advising recommendations based on SQL execution

Accelerates application performance by providing improved SQL rewrites and application level analysis

Extends DBA resources by providing expert tuning recommendations automatically with intelligently generated Oracle hints

Includes Brother-Eagle® Standard Edition for Oracle


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