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Introducing DBI pureFeat V7
A First Look at
New Features and Capabilities!

Introducing DBI pureFeat V7

Join us for a tour of "What's New"!

Thursday 26 July 2018 - 1pm CDT/2pm EDT - 75 Minutes Register Now
During July 2018, DBI Software will release DBI pureFeat Performance Management Suite for IBM Db2 V7. This is a big release! And we're very excited to share what's new with you! Click the registration link to learn more details and sign up!
Registrations require DBI approval.

SEE and FIX What You Are MISSING!
Db2 LUW Monitoring and Tuning
Made Easy!

See What you are Missing!

How to Tune IBM Db2 LUW in Minutes!

Friday 24 AUG 2018 - 1pm CDT/2pm EDT - 73 Minutes Register Now
Join DBI for this free educational webinar wherein we'll present a methodology and key metrics to help you achieve rapid, measurable, and significant performance gains in your Db2 LUW databases in minutes -- WITH CONFIDENCE! DBI's

PureFeat™ Performance Management Suite for IBM Db2 LUW will be demonstrated to illustrate the metrics and methodology. Bonus: See the newest features in DBI pureFeat™ V7.1

You'll see how to:
  • Discover REAL performance problems and get optimized solutions!
  • Get Change Control Approval easily by analyzing impacts of index changes!
  • In one mouse click, determine if a performance issue belongs to the database or not!
  • Discover the most costly Applications and their SQL!
  • Discover the most costly Users and their SQL!
  • Automatically track database changes!
  • View important performance trends!
  • Compare Database and SQL workload performance across two time frames!
  • Diagnose and Resolve Lock Contention Problems visually in Seconds!
  • And More!
* DBI, IBM, and other ISV employees are not eligible. Attendees will have the option of alternatively making a donation to the American Red Cross, or opting out. To earn the gift cards, attendees must be present in the webinar at least 45 minutes, must respond to 2 or more polling questions, and must complete the survey after the webinar.

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