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"We upgraded from BMC SmartDBA for DB2 to DBI's Brother-Panther™ and Brother-Eagle™ and we are pleased with the tools and DBI's service. DBI has even helped us with DB2 questions not related to their tools. We got immediate value from Brother-Panther because the tool showed us some scans and inefficiencies that we weren't aware of. It was easy to improve performance of our business databases within a matter of a couple of hours."

DBI Releases New Generation of Database Performance Monitoring Software

Brother-Hawk™ Brings New Levels of Controls to Lights-Out Database Performance Management

Austin, Texas, USA - (November 5, 2008) – DBI (Database-Brothers, Inc.), a software company providing professional grade database performance management tools, today announced the release of Brother-Hawk™, a powerful new addition to our DB2 tool suite. Brother-Hawk Version 1.0 for DB2 LUW is a separately licensable add-on component to DBI’s Brother-Panther® which sends automated, customized, and meaningful alerts based on the characteristics of real-time and recently collected data. Brother-Hawk extends DB2 LUW database performance monitoring functions to include three levels of customized alerts – your lights-out alerting of potential performance management issues has never been so on-time and on-target.

Total Database Monitoring Control – 24/7

You’re in control – define alert rule filters to monitor all databases, specific tables in a specific database, tablespaces, SQL statements, and even Transaction Response times. A unique alert squelch feature suppresses duplicate alerts to minimize alert noise. Squelch analyzes event correlation and de-duplicates alerts to provide clean, meaningful alerts. Execute DB2 or operating system commands when an alert triggers – for example, to force an application off – execute runstats, allocate additional space. Choose to receive e-mail and/or SNMP trap messages when alerts occur, and plug Brother-Hawk into your enterprise IBM Tivoli, CA Unicenter NSM´┐Ż, HP OpenView, or similar consoles if you like. Everything is managed through an easy-to-use central console. Brother-Hawk speaks your language – if you can code an SQL statement to test for the presence of a condition, you can easily create an alert with Brother-Hawk. And, alerts are not limited to just erformance data – you can optionally alert on business data too.

“Ensuring you have a robust alert management capability is vital in today’s IT world because it helps focus attention on IT infrastructure where it is most needed. With cost cutting imperatives and over burdened IT resources, focus on the right systems at the right time is critical to an organisations’ success” comments Julian Stuhler of Triton Consulting, a leading information management consulting firm in the United Kingdom.

“When it comes to performance, every second matters,” said Scott Hayes, president and CEO of DBI.  “Brother-Hawk provides unique insight into performance issues by monitoring your database 24/7 and alerting you to performance issues before they become performance nightmares. We’ve automated advanced lights-out database monitoring to free our customers to pursue other important business opportunities.  It can, after all, get boring watching a screen continuously and you might want to leave your desk to eat or sleep.” 

Total Database Monitoring Control – At The Right Price

Brother-Hawk is competitively priced starting at only $2,499 USD per CPU.  With its extremely flexible alert definition capabilities, early customers are using Brother-Hawk to replace more expensive and less flexible alternative solutions. 

To learn more about this powerful database performance tool and how DBI can help improve database monitoring and alerting, visit Brother-Hawk or contact DBI today at (866) 773-8789.

New Software Releases Mean Even More Productivity for Your DB2 LUW Database

See what new features are included in these new database performance software tool releases: Brother-Eagle® for DB2 LUW version 2.3, Brother-Panther® for DB2 LUW version 4.2, Brother-Thoroughbred® for DB2 LUW version 1.1. Use DBI’s powerful database performance tools to optimize your database performance. You’ll see a return on your investment within 3 months!

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DBI (Database-Brothers, Inc.), headquartered in Austin, Texas, is an industry leader in distributed DB2 LUW and Oracle database accountability and performance best practices methodologies, services, and products that enable companies to accelerate business accountability and performance with clarity while lowering IT costs. For more information about DBI, visit or call (866) 773-8789.

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