• Cut Power Bills
  • Save Floor Space
  • Consolidate Servers
  • Virtualize Servers
  • Reduce License Costs
  • Improve Performance
  • Manage SLAs
  • Improve Productivity
  • Improve Profitability
  • Improve Security

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Inefficiency is costly over extended periods of time. DBI can help you maximize your database efficiency so that you can achieve more business per kilowatt.

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Green IT Success
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and "Save the Planet" too.

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In cooperation with the San Mateo IBM Innovation Center, DBI used IBM Tivoli Energy Management to monitor energy consumption of an IBM p570 Server with 16 CPUs. See how proper DB2 LUW (or Oracle) database tuning can lower energy costs by 24-44% or more, improve ability to optimize existing IT assets, avoid or defer hardware upgrades, dramatically cut software licensing costs by over $1.3M in a sample scenario, and improve productivity and profitability by reducing response times by over 99%. Watch how this server struggles to support 50 users at 100% CPU busy, then minutes later easily supports 743 users at 11% CPU busy. DBI's Brother-Panther® for DB2 LUW Performance Monitoring, Tuning, and Trending is used to obtain these outstanding performance results! If you are an Oracle customer, please learn more about Brother-Owl™ for Oracle SQL Performance Optimization.

If your organization blocks YouTube, you can download and view the video from DBI's site: Right Click Here

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DBI would like to thank and recognize IBM team members Frank Cilurzo, Neli Momtaheni, Naeem Altaf, and the San Mateo IBM Innovation Center for providing the talent and resources to make this Smarter Planet® GREEN IT Energy Savings demonstration possible.

Question: How many people can you stuff into, and onto, a VW Beetle?

Answer: More if you use smaller people.

Question: How many department servers can you stuff into a centralized server with virtual hosts?

Answer: More if you put your database transaction processing costs on a diet.

Central Server with Virtual Hosts

If you are on a mission - like many organizations - to achieve IT Cost reductions through server consolidation and virtualization projects, you can maximize your success by working with DBI before, during, and after the consolidation effort.

DBI provides performance management solutions that will enhance your success throughout all four phases of the performance management life cycle.

DBI customers typically achieve 30-90% CPU utilization reductions within the first few hours along with measurable response time improvements. With savings like this, you can fit several more departmental database servers into your centralized virtual hosts resulting in reduced A/C, power, and floor space requirements.

After your server consolidation project is complete, continue to use DBI performance management solutions to track your success, measure service level agreement attainments, and rapidly identify, isolate, and resolve any optimization issues that arise as a consequence of CPU speed changes, memory configuration changes, and data growth.

Your Performance IS Our Business

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