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DB2 LUW Security - Empowerment, Security & the DB2 DBA

November 18, 2009, 7:24 pm
Posted by bond in General
Today, I read several more articles on CURRENT Security Breaches. Fortunately, none of them involved DB2 databases. I wish I could rest easy with that knowledge, but I can't.

Have you thought about the fact that a lack of security within your enterprise can mean your job? Well, don't despair; you may not realize it, but DB2 DBAs have the power to help organizations change. Let's strategize....quietly...together (ssshhhh it's a secret).

This isn't a technical post, nor is specific to DB2. Regardless, this is one of the most important blog posts I am likely to write. I hope you will read it and be empowered. It actually consists of only 3 very simple concepts.

Concept # 1: Your continued employment may be in jeopardy. If your company gets hit with a series of class action lawsuits and/or huge fines and/or a lack of customer confidence that slows sales, do you really think you're going to get that bonus you've been expecting? So if you follow the money, it is in your personal best interest to help your company discover their responsibility to ADEQUATELY UNDERSTAND, IMPLEMENT and FUND a comprehensive security landscape.

Concept # 2: If you are a DBA, in addition to being close to all that priceless data, YOU are VERY valuable to your company. Think about how many times management comes to you expecting answers. You are a LEAD "GO TO" Resource just because of your technical expertise, but you likely also have a managerial side...the part of you that implements standards, creates schedules, coordinates maintenance and provides status. Think about your last vacation. How many phone calls did you get while you were away?

Concept #3: You can be a change agent. You have management's ear. They listen to you. They seek out your advice on many topics. YOU (yes YOU) can drive an interest in security. You CAN make a difference. You CAN protect your job by protecting your organization. Be an ENABLER.

If you want to discuss this post in greater detail, I would really like to chat with you. My email address is below.


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