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To SERVE the Top 1% of the smartest, most innovative, & most profitable worldwide companies. To help State & Local governments balance their budgets. To aid universities & non-profits with their important causes. To lower data center energy utilization. To combat rampant unnecessary, wasteful IT spending. To improve organization effectiveness and efficiency.

We built this company, so that, in turn, we can help other organizations grow and thrive in a challenging and competitive economy - an economy that is becoming more complex, burdened with increasing regulation and debt, and threatened by increasing taxes.

DBI Software is the small engine, the catalyst, the starter motor, that powers the success of e-commerce and business applications, that fuels organization productivity, that ignites profitability --- which can seed higher employment, and new innovation.

Partnering with DBI provides a ripple effect of business benefits, often with ROI in days. Yes, there are other free tools, bundled tools, and inferior DB2 LUW performance tools in the market. If being amongst the 99% of organizations with "acceptable" or mediocre performance is okay, then there's no need to contact us.

DBI Software is your trusted partner for Breakthrough DB2 Performance Solutions that deliver real, bottom-line results for Organizations having the most Demanding Requirements and Discriminating Preferences. The Top 1% is within your reach. DBI Software was built over the past seven years to make things better for your company, for you and for your families. Contact the passionate team at DBI today and let's get started. Success awaits you.


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"By teaming with DBI, we avoided (a significant hardware investment), realized an instant ROI, and improved quality of service for our valued customers!" Dan Betting, VP IT

"By using DBI we improved performance from 6 seconds to 3 milliseconds. We also improved our I/O per second, dropping IOPS from 4,000 to an average of less than a thousand." Sam Powell, Sr. DBA

"By using the DBI tool sets we were able to solve problems that we did not even know we had!" And, "This not only saves us time, it saves us money by decreasing our transaction times enabling us to process more orders for our valued customers." Phil Smith, CIO

"The DBI products even help catch bugs in our development code which we can then fix prior to being installed to our production system. This type of proactivity not only saves FBS time and money, but also ensures FBS provides its customers with competitive service and continuous optimal web application performance." Jaison Freed, VP IT
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