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We imagine you hear many claims from vendors promising you the moon. We're different. DBI can help your organization in the following measurable ways:
  • Lower CPU utilization by 30-90%
  • Improve storage system performance by 40%+
  • Lower data center energy consumption by 7-30%
  • Improve Server Consolidation Ratios
  • Reduce Data Center Floor Space
  • Lower Software Licensing and Maintenance Costs by 50%+
  • Defer or Avoid Costly Hardware Upgrades
  • Greatly improve productivity of IT Professionals
  • Significantly Improve Application and Data Warehouse performance
    • Complete more transactions with higher customer satisfaction
    • Make important business decisions more quickly
    • Obtain the reports you need without delay
  • Measure and track Quality of Service Delivery, Service Levels, and Trends

Really Remarkable Breakthrough Results and ROI

A large retailer in Wisconsin was able to reduce CPU utilization by 50% across 56 IBM pSeries CPUs - in less than 60 minutes. In the ripple effect of inuring benefits, a hardware upgrade was avoided, critical application response times were improved, system capacity was recovered to accommodate peak sales periods, and energy consumption was reduced. An automobile manufacturer in Ohio lowered CPU utilization by some 30% and storage I/O activity by 50% on a database server that managed assembly lines. Not only was a hardware upgrade avoided, but the manufacturer was able to turn up the speed on its assembly line. All of this was accomplished in about an hour. In Boulder Colorado, two Database Administrators had spent six months trying to identify, isolate, and solve a slow application response time problem. With DBI tools, the issue was solved in about two hours. The Total Economic Impact of the DBI Solutions will vary according to each organization's objectives and priorities. We do know this, however, with certainty - in four hours or less, we will help your IT teams achieve meaningful, measurable, positive impacts on your business. Just four hours.

The DBI Difference

Using a grocery store illustration, DBI's distant competitors would count the number of shopping carts going through the checkouts and possibly report cashier throughput rates. They'd tell you that the slowest cashier was your store's problem. In contrast, DBI tools give earnest consideration to the contents of the shopping carts and the quantities and aggregate costs of the items therein. Rates, counts, averages, ratios, and cost aggregates are all combined to provide a true total cost and productivity picture for each cashier and the store as a whole.

Hardware Sales Guys Hate Us

And let's be candid, software sales professionals aren't very fond of us either. When hardware upgrades are avoided or deferred, the software folks lose on capacity upgrades too. The database vendors claim their databases automatically tune themselves. The reality is they don't. When performance doesn't meet your business requirements, they will offer to sell you their performance monitoring and tuning tools - or, they'll throw these in for "free" with your next hardware upgrade. Please don't allow the fox to watch your henhouse. Separation of Duties calls for diligent solicitation of independent advice, expertise, and outside solutions to assure your lowest operational costs.

Your Bottom Line will Love Us

Enjoy a ripple effect of positively impactful organization benefits in just a few hours, save money, avoid unnecessary expenses, and ride a wave of markedly improved productivity. If your team members approach you about working with DBI, please support their initiative. Contact Us if you would like a business conversation with DBI's Executive Team. Moon sold separately.

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