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What are you missing? Read on!

Kodak® used to give away cameras to sell more film and processing.
Database Vendors bundle "free" performance tools to sell more HARDWARE and SOFTWARE LICENSES.

Free DB2® and Oracle® Performance Tools

Bundled, or "free" Database Performance Management tools have one irrestible feature --- they're free! What a sweet deal!

Reality Check

Did your database vendor tell you?
  • You'll also need to procure a large multi-core server with terabytes of storage to use the "free" tools?
  • The "free" tools add 15-30% overhead to your monitored databases?
    • So maybe we should put some extra capacity on those servers?
      • Which will increase database licensing costs?
  • Installation, configuration, and ramp-up will take weeks?
  • That their main corporate goal is selling hardware and software licenses?
  • Their tools find some of the problems, but not the most costly ones?
    • Thus preventing your teams from truly optimizing performance?
      • Thus causing you to procure more hardware and database licenses to meet your performance objectives?
Or did they forget?Free tools AREN'T free. You CAN do better.

What are you missing?

  1. Performance problems that free vendor tools don't show you
  2. DBI provides patented technology that finds the problems other tools miss
  3. Cost Savings for Hardware and Database Licenses
  4. It doesn't matter how much shiny new hardware you throw at some database performance problems - your applications will fail to scale!
  5. Dramatic Productivity Gains
  6. DBI famously delivers database tuning solutions in 5 mouse clicks or less, achievable in under 30 seconds. Register for HOW TO TUNE DB2 LUW IN A MINUTE!
  7. DBI solved a performance problem in three hours (including installation) that two senior DBAs were unable to solve in SIX MONTHS!

Do your Performance Tools Due Diligence

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DBI Software is Your trusted partner for Breakthrough DB2 Performance Solutions that DELIVER INVALUABLE RESULTS for Organizations having the most Demanding Requirements and Discriminating Preferences.
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The buzz...

DBTA 2014 Top 100 Trend Setting Products
DBI pureFeat™ Performance Management Suite for IBM DB2 LUW recognized by DBTA as one of the Top 100 2014 Trend Setting Products!
DBTA Top 100
DBI Software recognized by Database Trends and Applications as one of the Top 100 companies that matter most in Data!
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"By teaming with DBI, we avoided (a significant hardware investment), realized an instant ROI, and improved quality of service for our valued customers!" Dan Betting, VP IT

"By using DBI we improved performance from 6 seconds to 3 milliseconds. We also improved our I/O per second, dropping IOPS from 4,000 to an average of less than a thousand." Sam Powell, Sr. DBA

"By using the DBI tool sets we were able to solve problems that we did not even know we had!" And, "This not only saves us time, it saves us money by decreasing our transaction times enabling us to process more orders for our valued customers." Phil Smith, CIO