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Brother-Eagle for DB2 supports DB2 9 (Viper)

August 17, 2006, 2:00 pm
Posted by Scott in General

DBI is pleased to announce that Brother-Eagle for DB2 now supports monitoring and analysis of IBM DB2 V9 (Viper) databases.

When downloading the complimentary Standard Edition, or when ordering your upgrade to Professional Edition at our online store, be sure to choose your Brother-Eagle according to the Version of the database that you will be monitoring.  If you want to monitor both DB2 8.2 and DB2 9 databases, you will need to download, or order, both Brother-Eagles.

Brother-Eagle for DB2 9 monitored databases can be run from either a DB2 Windows V8 or V9 Client.  Brother-Eagle for DB2 8.2 monitored databases can also be run from either a DB2 Windows V8 or V9 Client.  We can thank IBM for this compatibility, although we all paid the price during V7 to V8 transitions, didn't we?

Do you have your FREE copy of Brother-Eagle yet?  Please do not upgrade your hardware without first having your database pass Brother-Eagle's efficiency and health tests.  Get Brother-Eagle here.

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