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Download FREE IBM tool: DB2 Database Demonstration Program V10.5 - updated!

September 23, 2013, 7:07 pm
Posted by Scott in General
Perhaps you've seen George Baklarz, IBM, speak at IDUG or your local DB2 RUG meeting. He uses a very spiffy tool "DB2 Demo" to demonstrate DB2 capabilities. I think this tool is also an excellent training tool. I love how it illustrates syntax, helps you with SQL and commands, and then can even run the commands. It's interactive and it is easy.

DB2 Demo, updated for V10.5

Since this "demo" tool is such a terrific educational resource, I asked George to share it with us so that we could make it available to our DB2Night Show community. Well, here it is, provided "AS-IS" with all the usual disclaimers!
  • PDF Doc: CLICK HERE for the PDF documentation "Installation and Quick Reference Guide."
  • Get it: CLICK HERE for the ZIP file package containing both the PDF and installation executable.
    • Update: The zip package was updated 21 OCT 2013 to make the latest release (3 OCT 2013) from George available. The latest release adds JSON examples and updated documentation. Please refer to the PDF within the ZIP file.

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