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Download FREE IBM tool: DB2 V10.5 Compression Estimator - updated!

September 23, 2013, 7:47 pm
Posted by Scott in General
By now you've probably heard that DB2 V10.5 #IBMBLU compression is awesome! What would BLU or V10.5 compression be like for your data? Find out with the newly updated IBM DB2 Compression Estimator tool! Get it here... FREE!

DB2 BLU Compression Estimator, updated for V10.5

No doubt, George Baklarz, IBM, gives terrific demonstrations and has inspired many of us to try new features and functionality in IBM DB2 for LUW. At a recent regional DB2 user group meeting, I saw George demonstrate the newly updated DB2 Compression Estimator tool. It's cool. It's easy. It's fascinating! And it is right here, provided "AS-IS" with all the usual disclaimers, for you to download and experiment with!
  • PDF Doc: CLICK HERE for the PDF documentation. Includes terrific information about how DB2 compression works!
  • Get it: CLICK HERE for the ZIP file package containing both the PDF and installation executable.
    • Update: The zip package was updated 21 OCT 2013 to make the latest release (3 OCT 2013) from George available.

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