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DB2's GOT TALENT: 642+ Votes So Far - Polls close 7 APR 3pm CDT

March 31, 2011, 7:52 am
Posted by Scott in DB2 News
What are you missing? Voter comments indicate that the DB2's GOT TALENT contest is an invaluable way to learn helpful DB2 tips and techniques. In just 6 days, over 600 DB2 Professionals have watched a replay of the final round and voted! WATCH THE REPLAY, LEARN from Thiru, and then VOTE for your favorite contestants. Polls close 7 April 2011 at 3pm Central.

Remember, too, to register for your free seat in our virtual studio audience on 8 April 2011 when The DB2Night Show™ will announce our contest winners. The episode theme is " All about IDUG ".

Voter Comments

  • would like copies of the slides
    Sorry, not available
  • Impressive presentations! I liked all of them, but Norberto's tips where simple and extremely usefull!
  • Is there any way to obtain an electronic version of all of the presentations? There are so many useful hints and tips in them.
  • It was a tough call between Mary and Thiru. Thiru had helpful content, but Mary's delivery and style was very polished. Hope Mary will compete again or present at IDUG.
  • Good
  • A great idea, hope to participate in some future contest.
  • Good
  • First and foremost your program is fabalous and fantastic and useful for all DBAs and SAP Basis admins. The session on db2cat by Thiru was fantastic and indeed useful for our day to day actiivities.My persnoal thanks to Thiru.
  • good
  • Without Thiru's knowledge and expertise we could not keep SAP Business Warehouse running as smoothly. He assists with evaluating BW trouble spots and assist with tuning where needed.
  • A very cool event.
  • Norberto's presentation, though had no out of box tool/new db2 functionality but he shared the tools n tips that surely gonna help any naive or even a seasoned dba... JB... she rocks... If her presentation was a fb wall post I would have super duper liked it... A complex technical presentation can not get more entertaining that wat momi presented... Thiru yet again comes out with a gem of db2something...
  • Its been a while since I used DB2, this show refreshed my memory and increased my curiosity to explore DB2.
  • Great JOB JB - All you presenatations were usefule from Customer perspective and make Customer refrence and make DB2 even more valuable at the market . This also good lesson even for the DBA's
  • It's a great show providing opportunity for new talent. And at the same time, lot of good information for the audience too.
  • Great show, and there is always something new to learn from this show!
  • I got a good knowledge on db2cat and Concurrent I/O. Thanks for Thriru and JB.
  • Thiru is an excellent DBA and very sincere guy.
  • It's a grate show for db2 and well educated and interesting. Thanks, Srikanth.V
  • Great Show!
  • It is really a great job from DB2 and it was really an informative for my work scale. keep it up.....
  • A very nice show
  • Excellent!!!!
  • Norberto is the best DB2 DBA ever!
  • really cool
  • excelent
  • It is a great initiative to bring-out the techno-experts.
  • all the best thiru!!
  • Great JOB JB - All of your presenatations were usefull from Customer perspective and DBAs prespective , makes DB2 more valuable . These presentation will give the DBA's good tips and ideas "
  • He did a good job.
  • very good!
  • Excellent.
  • The gathering (of the same) statistics everytime the show is On Air is a kind of boring. The stats itself are interesting, but maybe you can ask about more specialized information, such as preferred way of doing administration tasks / backup strategies / number of users concurrently using the DB2 DB / largest DB handled / largest queries seen / etc. Best Regards!
    Thanks for this feedback - good suggestions!
  • Wonderfull program. Congratulations!
  • congratulations for your really good contribution
  • :)
  • Well organized show. I have been following all the shows since JB is presenting. Very informative, every session/presentaion had valuable information. Great job!
  • Excellant
  • Great idea!
  • Forming the infomation from the show is really valuable. good job DB2 and thanks to JB for her valuable info thank u
  • It might be better announced to have more participation.
  • Good Program - Great to watch
  • Great tip !!!
  • Excellent job done by Thiru.
  • Excellent, very good!
  • Excellent, very good!
  • Very good, excellent!
  • Very nice advice!
  • its good
  • I learnt this topics from Thiru EXPLAIN FROM ACTUALS Using db2caem for Performance Analysis
  • Its a great intiative and good place to hear about other talents in DB2 World
  • Momi showed high proffessionalism! he should win!
  • JB has done a good job..
  • Good Job
  • excellent performance
  • This is relevant to use and easy to recognise for all
  • All the best Thiru
  • i have learnt many things it is very useful to me
  • it is very useful i learnd a lot with this
  • Best Wishes Thiru
  • very creative ideas and worth for industry implementation
  • Good job Very useful tips
  • Great thing
  • Congratulation all participants
  • Good
  • Presentation will give DBAs good tips and ideas. Well done.
  • more than excellent.
  • Vai Norberto Vai !!
  • Great program!!! Keep it up!!
  • It's a very nice initiative. I hope to see something regarding MQseries one these days.
  • Norberto's presentation was fantastic!
  • Keep them going frequently ..!
  • Please continue with your good work.
  • Excellent
  • It has been quite interesting walking through the presentation and appreciate the way information has been compiled together and presented. I wish all 4 contestants the very best and especial mention for Noberto for making life really easier one :)
  • Way to go , Norberto :D. You have been great. Fingers crossed. Good luck for the final round ! Cheers Kedar Aiya
  • It is good to give appreciation for DBA
  • Very good
  • Jeyabarathi (JB) performance was mind blowing.Excellent.Its creative and very lovely performance.
  • A very Nice Educational approach and inspiration for people to get a platform to share their knowlegde over global and help others.
  • It is a good forum.
  • Its amazing
  • subject learned from this show will be really helpful to me in my job
  • it is very useful.
  • Excellent Performance!
  • Great Show!
  • For me the DB2's Got Talent is excellent alternative for DBA.
  • Good
  • Great presentation from Norberto, he deservs be the winner
  • Good One.
  • Great
  • I love the usage of catalog and topic from Mr Thiru ( Data )... New way of explanation about Catalog.. I have heard ( seen ) in DB2 but came to know the usage / purpose from this presentation only...
  • Excellent!
  • great event

Cheers, Scott
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