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#IDUG #DB2 Tech Conference Denver 2012 "Best Bets" Part 1

May 7, 2012, 9:21 pm
Posted by Scott in DB2 News
The IDUG DB2 Tech Conference in Denver begins next week. The agenda is "amazing" and perhaps overwhelming, especially if this is your first IDUG. I will be attending DB2 LUW sessions as much as possible. I wish I could be in two or three places at once, but, since I have to choose, here is my road map to sessions and activities...

Monday 14 May

  • I am teaching Ed Seminar "DB2 LUW Performance Workshop - Everything You Need to Know". Room 106, 8:30am - 5:30pm. CLICK HEREfor details and class preparation instructions.

  • DON'T MISS the PEACE, LOVE, and DB2 PERFORMANCE reception sponsored by DBI Software and HLS Technologies at the Hard Rock Cafe, 8:00pm-11:00pm. FREE Souvenir Hard Rock Cafe IDUG Denver T-Shirts while supplies last. CLICK for DETAILS.

Tuesday 15 May

  • If you didn't have too much fun at PEACE, LOVE, and DB2 PERFORMANCE last night, try to arrive early for the Keynote presentation "Big Data, DB2 and the Future". DBI sponsored the keynote chair drop and I promise you will have something fun to do while you wait for the speakers to begin.

  • Spotlight Sessions
    • Normally, I'd pick "DB2 for LUW and others – A Modern [scientific] approach to Smarter Planet". Paul Z and others are terrific presenters. But, frankly, the key bullet points make this look like a talking heads sales pitch, SO...
    • I'm going to "Tackling bigger questions out in the open cloud" in Room 106, 10:15am-11:45am.

  • Technical Session 1: H01, What’s New in DB2 10 for Linux, Unix, Windows – Overview of all New Features and Functionality - H01 (DB2 10 for LUW), Room 105. Martin Hubel is an excellent speaker.

  • Technical Session 2: D02, Protect Your Ship From Storms. Best Practices on Configuring DB2 for Web Driven OLTP Workloads, Room 106. I've never heard this speaker before, but the title, bullets, and abstract sound interesting.
    • As an alternate, I might go to "WLM Best Practices 2.0: Exploring the New Best Practices - C02" presented by Paul Bird. However, you can catch Paul Bird on The DB2Night Show™ on June 22nd. Like I said, I wish I could be in two places at once.

  • Technical Session 3: D03, "Celebrating 20 Years of DB2 for LUW: DB2's Greatest Hits, Tips, and Best Practices", Room 106. I am the speaker. It will be fun and informative.

  • Technical Session 4: H04, "pureScale: Best Practices for Performance and Monitoring", Room 105. Frankly, pureScale and performance are sexy topics, and Steve and Matt are very good presenters.
    • As an alternate, if pureScale isn't your thing and you care about important things like backup and recovery, then "DB2 Backups - are they really required anymore? - D04" with Dale Mcinnis in Room 106 is a good Plan B.

  • IDUG WELCOME RECEPTION in the Exhibit Hall, sponsored by DBI Software. Enjoy food and beverages while visiting the vendors. Get your passport to prizes card stamped.

  • Off-Site Networking Sponsored by CA Technologies, 8-11pm.

Wednesday 16 May

  • Technical Session 5: D05, "Future and Internals for DBAs - Part I", Matt Huras, Room 106. It just wouldn't be an IDUG conference without Matt doing his internals, Parts 1 and 2. But, 8:30am? After the CA party?
    • As an alternate, if storage and I/O is your thing, check out "Automatic Storage & Multi-Temperature Data Management -- Making DB2 Storage Management Easier With Each New Release - H05"

  • Technical Session 6: D06, "Future and Internals for DBAs - Part II", Matt Huras, Room 106. Did you sleep through Part 1? That's okay, you can start with Part 2 if you need to.
    • Alternate: "IBM DB2 HADR 2011 state of the union - C06" in Room 104.

  • Technical Session 7: D07, "Analyzing Access Plans to Diagnose Performance Problems". I don't know the speaker, but the title, abstract, and bullets all look excellent. Room 106.
    • Alternate: "Stop the growth of very large table and make ZERO application changes - C07" in Room 104. The presenter, David Dahlenburg (Citizens Property Insurance), is a "User" speaker - not IBM, not a consultant, so you might learn "how things really work"

  • DBI Vendor Solution Presentation V03 - “DB2 LUW vNext and V9 Performance Tips and Insights”. Attend this VSP to learn performance tips and insights for DB2 LUW vNext and current releases. Learn what you can do today to be optimally prepared for your upgrade while maximizing performance of your current database IT assets. One lucky VSP attendee will win an Apple iPad3, there will be other prizes, and every attendee will get a nice thank you gift. Join us in Room 106!

  • Technical Session 8: Hands Down - Easy - No Brainer! Have to go to "Virtual Reality: Virtual Indexes That Aren't and Real Cardinality on Explains - D08" with Brad Price. Brad is an EXCELLENT "User" speaker. See you in room 106, and arrive early - the room will be full!
    • C08, F08, E08, and H08 are IBM sales pitches.

  • Technical Networking Opportunities - I: "DB2 10 for Linux, Unix, Windows - 6 in 60 minutes " Room 104

  • Off-Site Networking: IBM Reception 7:30-9:30pm.

I'll cover Thursday and Friday in Part 2.

DBI is a GOLD Sponsor of the IDUG DB2 Tech Conference in Denver.

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