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Who Wants to Learn about DB2 LUW Performance?

April 7, 2009, 8:03 pm
Posted by Scott in General
In this class, participants bring snapshots and performance data from event monitors to the class on laptops. In this blog, you have the benefit of not having to carry a laptop to class and not having to pay $495! But, you will still need to prepare by collecting some performance data from your DB2 LUW databases.

The instructions you need to prepare can be obtained from This PDF contains commands that you should run to prepare to analyze your database. I suggest you choose a database that you would like to have perform better - better meaning having greater efficiency and throughput, and possibly supporting more users on the same hardware.

I'll be back to blog again in a couple days. We'll begin by covering some key performance metrics that will help you understand the nature, health, and efficiency of your database.

Best regards,
Scott Hayes

President & CEO, DBI ( )
IBM DB2 GOLD Consultant

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