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The DB2Night Show #153: DB2's GOT TALENT - Finals Round 3 - Top 6 Compete!

March 20, 2015, 5:52 pm
Posted by Scott in DB2 LUW

Finals Round #3

Top 6 Finalists Compete for YOUR Votes!

Great DB2 LUW presentations!

100% of our studio audience learned something! Today's presentations included topics on IBM DB2 LUW Oracle Compatibility, scheduling db2top via crontab, monitoring enhancements for BLU columnar tables, lessons learned on defining disk storage, where to get, and how to install, free drivers for DB2 10.5 Express-C, and how to connect Java to DB2 via Hibernate for good performance! This show contains another buffet of useful tips and advice! Enjoy!

Show Host Scott Hayes Commentary

I goofed. I asked the judges to save two of our bottom four finalists, but I should have asked them to save three. We subsequently "discussed" this matter and the judges have decided to save Rohit. So, Rohit, sorry to send you on an emotional roller coaster, but you're still in it!

To review, based on DB2 community voting, Rajesh and Roberto were "safe". Rohit, Brandon, Sree, and Akshat presented to earn "saves" from our judges. The judges have saved Rohit, Brandon, and Akshat.

DB2's GOT TALENT Top 5 Finalists 27 March

  • Brandon, New Zealand
  • Roberto, Mexico
  • Rohit, India
  • Akshat, India
  • Rajesh, India

Based on the presentations these DB2 professionals gave today, you have the opportunity to vote below!

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Episode #153, 20 March 2015, DB2's GOT TALENT 2015 Finals Round #3!

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Voting ends 26 March 2015 at 8pm CDT!

We use SurveyMonkey to collect votes via the survey embedded below. Each computer can vote only once. After you vote, or if your computer has already voted, or if it is past 8pm CDT 26 March 2015, then you won't see the survey below. Every vote counts! (There was a tie between 1st and 2nd place for Finals Round 2) Contests in prior years have been very close! Please cast your votes responsibly giving due consideration to quality of presentations, information delivered, and professionalism.

We appreciate the comments that some voters have offered! In fact, from the 13 March Round 2 voting, someone suggested that we list the Finalist names along with their topics - so, we will! Here's a review by presenter order:

  1. Rajesh, IBM DB2 LUW Oracle Compatibility
  2. Roberto, Scheduling db2top via crontab
  3. Rohit, Monitoring Enhancements for BLU Columnar tables
  4. Brandon, "HADR" - Have All Disks Ready - A lesson learned about DB2 storage
  5. Sree, Free Drivers for DB2 10.5 Express-C --- Not eligible for voting
  6. Akshat, Connecting Java to DB2 via Hibernate

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