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The DB2Night Show #168: DB2 LUW Advanced Index Benefit Analysis

January 10, 2016, 9:39 pm
Posted by Scott in DB2 LUW
Scott Hayes, President DBI Software, IBM DB2 GOLD Consultant
@srhayes :: @db2performance

Special Guest: Scott Hayes, DBI Software

Sage DB2 LUW Performance Advice
Advanced Index Benefit Analysis
BLU Table Convert Row to Column Analysis

100% of our audience learned something! In Sage Advice Part 1 during Episode #142, Scott teaches audiences how to find the biggest problems in DB2 based on weights. In Sage Advice Part 2 during this Episode, Scott teaches audiences how to accurately determine the benefit of each index recommended by IBM program "db2advis". As a bonus, if you are using DB2 10.5, Scott provides a methodology and queries for quickly and easily determining if a Row based table should be converted to BLU Column based. Sage Advice Part 3 "Predictive Index Impact Analysis" will be offered at IDUG conferences in 2016 - hope to see you in AUSTIN Texas at IDUG! Watch and learn...

Show Host Scott Hayes Commentary

According to our polling questions, most DBAs have seen IBM program "db2advis" recommend multiple indexes for a solution. Also, when multiple indexes are recommended, most DBAs spend 30 to 240 minutes agonizing over which of the indexes are the most valuable or important.

As you'll see in this presentation, and as you've probably experienced, the "benefit" XML tag in the db2advis output is either misleading, inaccurate, or grossly wrong. During this presentation, you will learn the correct way to calculate the value of each recommended index via two methods: index addition and index subtraction.

After seeing this presentation at IDUG North America in Philadelphia 2015, my dear friend Ember Crooks wasted no time testing these index analysis methods and then blogging about them. Ember has saved me a lot of typing time, so be sure to check her blog post for more details in addition to the video replays and PDF materials provided below.


Everyone that Attended today's show won a $10 gift card! Of course, you had to join the webinar on time to hear Scott disclose the secret prize word "AUSTIN". It's true - Education does PAY - especially on The DB2Night Show!

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BONUS! PDF Handout!

A PDF handout is provided as reference material so that you can copy and paste many of the SQL commands. The PDF, alone, is not a substitute for what you will learn by watching the video replays. If you PROMISE to watch the video replays, then you are granted permission to CLICK HERE for the PDF.

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